[Feedback] Tainted Power AAR's transmutor should be reworked

I agree with this actually. Can’t speak for lee, but I’m personally comparing AAR to AAR. E.g. lightning AAR is without a doubt king, followed by fire and aether which are both very comparable.

I tried playing lee’s chaos AAR spec and could not hit the same timing as he did. You could attribute this to the differences in theorycrafting/piloting (i.e. I’ll theorycraft up a build I’m comfortable with), but I’m a pretty decent pilot. So that’s indicative of how much more behind chaos AAR is compared to other AAR damage types

For aether I heard it gets sub 6 mins while being a consistent 80 clearer on the same spec. Someone also posted a calla/ravager spec. For chaos mad_lee posted a 6:30 build but it’s only him who can pilot the build and everyone else would report somewhere from 7 - 8 mins.

Thanks for the swift response.

@mad_lee and @sir_spanksalot Wouldn’t adding a Lightning > Chaos transmuter on Mythical Essence of Grim Dawn or some other item be equally good?
This way end game builds get buffed but the transmuter stays intact for the people who wish to experiment with some whacko builds.

It would indeed. Though personally I’d like to see this on m. codex of lies.

I don’t think black flame set should have access to 100% chaos AAR.

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That would mess with aether AAR builds that pick Essence of Grim Dawn since they want to convert lightning to aether.

Not true. There’s little to no lightning/aether conversion.

Elemental damage converted to aether exists. There’s also the 30% lightning to aether to AAR on Fleshwarped Tome. More lightning to aether can be added in the future as well, and unconverted lightning damage is much better than chaos for aether AAR builds if you can’t convert the lightning damage.

I just think it’s absolutely unnecessary to make Essence of Grim Dawn completely biased towards one damage type, when it’s for both aether and chaos.

Fair enough.


I don’t think the impact would be too high. I don’t recall Aether Ray builds relying on the lightning > aether conversion at all. It might add a few seconds to their crucible time but it won’t damage their consistency.
On chaos builds, it would help things in the end game.

I could be wrong here ofc.

Oh and I didnt imply that the modifier should be added to the amulet. My point was that rather than messing with the transmuter a modifier could solve the issue at hand. I just suggested Essence cause it was the first thing I could think of.

They do and it’s the reason Fleshwarped Tome conversion got nerfed and why nobody used the Clairvoyant hat because of lightning to vitality on AAR. 230 flat damage helps a ton, specially on channeling skills.

You specially want Essence of Grim Dawn on aether builds with Fleswarped Tome because that’s the only other source of ADCTH to AAR. Pulsing Shard is the only other one and it’s an offhand.

@Norzan: May I ask for a link? I’m really curious now

Point taken. If not to the amulet then some other item then. I just don’t think the transmuter should be touched. The issue at hand is faced mostly by end game builds. So it should be solved imo by using item based modifiers.
The base skill unless I am mistaken isn’t really weak from the POV of the average joe.

I tried to find the build but no luck. It’s a AAR build that used Anasteria Hood and Dawnshard Pauldrons, and it’s the reason why these two got nerfed.

So you want the transmuter to be left alone but want lightning to chaos to AAR on items? They will conflict, so the former lightning to vitality has to disappear for the latter to be better.

I think it might’ve been @ya1’s, but don’t quote me on this.

If it was, then the nerf to fleshwarpped tome has rendered lightning/aether conversion on AAR a thing of the past.

I should have clarified. I meant chaos is hard to come by. My point was that we are talking about combining a) chaos the scarcest RR and b) vit the most numerically requiring RR.

This is true. Brainfart on my end.

Still not an excuse to start making items that support multiple damage types to suddenly be biased towards a single one. You can still convert it with that tome and with elemental to aether from stuff like magelord rings.

The thing about chaos/vit is that they don’t actually meld well together outside of items and devotions.

On one hand, chaos damage struggles to find RR in masteries, so you’re forced into playing a chaos MH or sorc so you lose out on signficant %chaos damage from masteries. WoP is also a huge PITA to use.

On the other, enemies are loaded to the gills with vit resistance. So you’d have to play a warlock/binder to get sufficient vit RR.

Either way, you can only pick one damage to support.


Now that Fleshwarped was nerfed, it doesn’t actually hurt that much to use full Clairvoyant. Fleshwarped still gives >23% lightning to aether. This was the lastest update.

The build in question was the first one. Gains from pre-nerf Anasteria helmet, Dawnshard shoulders and full 50% lightning to aether outweighed full Clairvoyaint.

Anyways, best AAR is no-green with Codex of Lies. Everything else struggles with disrupt.

Lightning AAR

No siree, aether beats lightning both in Crucible and SR. Another guy even beat all celestials with no pharma.