[Feedback] Tainted Power AAR's transmutor should be reworked

Another problem with chaos sets is the fact that they are pianos. You don’t get passive RR. Also devotions like abomination + revenant are weird in that very few skills can be bound to them.

And these skills are often great devo proccers, making it a waste on these devotions with such high CD

and one more fair point. playing chaos WH results in 4 (or 5, if using Bloody Pox) buttons to push, and also 2 healing abilities+movement skill.

probably it’s seen the most clear on chaos AAR.

chaos WB has the least number of buttons to push, imo, but it is also a true bee-hunter.

Yup. IMO, Buffs to death sentence will mostly benefit pierce damage (i.e. valdun purifier + belgo infil).

Valdun purifier needs to be tested extensively during test phase because it’s currently nipple deep in the “top tier pool.” Not sure how buffs will affect it.

Belgo infil…eh. DW melee could use some love.

Regarding chaos builds. you’re really only going to buff a small handful of chaos builds which are mostly underperforming

  • Tainted flames FoI
  • Spam DB
  • Rah’zin harbinger

The only top performing chaos build which uses the inqui is mad_lee’s AAR MH.

But a slight buff to it isn’t going to make it OP

yep, both Tainted Flames and spam DB nedd more love. don’t know about the latter one’s performance but think it’s not outstanding.

7:25 with triple double rolled M.I.

Yup. Buff it please.

The biggest bump to Chaos builds will come from an 8% Resist reduction across the board on Ultimate.



nice joke :innocent:

especial use barrelsmith on FoI :kissing_heart:

TBH, there was no way to tell you were referring to FoI. I thought you were referring to AAR. :confused:

I’m write it to Z on his post about FoI

because I don’t understand why we haven’t got Lighting support to FoI

My apologies. I misunderstood you. But it’s still possible to do a 100% fire FoI spec

type all items for that
and I’ll explain why whey are bad

I’m not saying they are good. Of course they are bad. It’s not as though I’ve never tried doing pure fire FoI myself.

I’m just saying it’s possible, because your original reply to Z made it seem as though it couldn’t be done.

That’s all.

Also show me work build with 22/12 Intensify :face_with_thermometer:

I will, after the patch,

What’s wrong with intensify?

you can, but you don’t have to

@omnitrio - I think we are on the same page here. I’ve been pushing for buffs to FoI.

It’s currently impossible to 22/12 intensify, and the lightning damage on it isn’t well supported by items.

EDIT: Correction - It is possible to 22/12 intensify, but you’ll have to use items which gimp the build

it is absolutely not impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it’s not there for pure lightning, most fire items for foi support ligthtning and mageslayer is elemental. Intensify is 22/12 or 19/12 depending on the approach

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there are no items to overcap it 22/12
on work not theorycrafted build

FoI is my favorite skill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I leveled a FoI char from start to finish directly in ultimate with token

It was made for Feedback on FoI for the coming patch. I have 22/12 intensify on it

(I also love this skill and i am rooting for it to be better)