Feedback to improve experience

Being able to zoom out more would improve the game experience.
A mini map would also be great if feasable.

I understand that a button was created to center on the town square which has its uses. But what about zooming so I can quickly find more needed resources for the city to prosper.

Zooming farther than currently can cause huge performance issues. Maybe one day.

There is a mod that does this, but mods can cause instabilities rn. Devs have said they want to add mod support at which point we can just use the mod

Thanks for responding.

So a mini map would be the best solution, that could be provided by the developers?
Or just… get some 3rd party software?

With the resources being so spread out for some of them it becomes very unwieldy moving around the map efficiently by scrolling or using the navigation buttons.

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I agree, I’m just waiting for for a more stable build before using the mod myself. A minimap would be great even if they added the zoom

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