[Feedback] Weaker flat damage jewellery augments: Fire and Physical


One thing that has been bothering me since partial rework of jewellery augments, or two things to be precise: Steelbloom Powder and Arcane Heart Powder

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Physical and Fire are the weakest melee archetypes at the moment, although Fire at least has couple of very strong ranged builds that utilize those augments. And for some reason they have the weakest flat damage augments for jewellery. Let’s compare them to other flat damage augments:

Cold (still one of the stronger melee archetypes) - 250hp on top of identical stats (which makes for very impressive 750 hp boost just from jewellery augments)


Lightning (underrepresented in melee, but can be utilized by Korba Tricksters and there is still allmighty Ultos) - much more OA:


Pierce (strongest melee archetype) - huge DA roll allows higher Cunning investment resulting both in more damage and OA:


Chaos (still very few builds but recently globally buffed): pound-for-pound best flat damage augment


There are also flat damage augments for Vitality, Elemental and Aether which are also better despite having less application than Physical and Fire ones.

Physical damage is especially hurting since it’s one of the weakest archetypes in melee nowadays and it still needs to go thru enemies’ armor.


  • Increase flat damage value on Physical damage augment to 15
  • Increase OA on flat Fire damage augment to 3% or change it to 75 OA to be in line with other flat damage/OA augments.
  • Yes, those augments could use a little buff, they seem weaker than other flat damage augments
  • No, leave them like that

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I should also add that Physical got weapons flat damage augments that have half of the value of other weapon damage augments but only if you have equipped two Seals of Might or found Aether to Physical conversion elsewhere:



i dunno about fire augments, because i either use arcanum dust to patch res, or stack high enough conversion to use forgefire/soulfire on fire builds.

IMO, the only augment which needs to be buffed is steelbloom powder.

It’s really a joke.

Given how armor mechanics work, steelbloom essentially adds 3 flat physical damage, 2% OA, and 50% physical damage.

You’re better off using arcanum dust for its DA and to patch resists (to allow further DA stacking via Dreeg’s omen augment) so that you can do a cunning dump for more damage than steelbloom can ever hope to give.

You should never rely on augments for flat damage on physical builds.

Physical damage has an amazing weapon augment in the form of coven’s terror. 250 + 4% HP is huge.

all this really lets the player do a cunning dump for even greater damage

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Let’s make some noise!

Yeah 2% OA isn’t much of a boost, especially compared to 75 or so flat.

Physical damage especially isn’t in nice spot and I would love to see flat DA or OA value. I often neglect fire augment. You can have elemental damage on top of 3% OA, vitality and bleeding resistances or Arcanum dust. So it’s very competitive slot for bad overall stats.


Well yeah, what you said basically describled flat fire augment as an inferior option which I absolutely agree with. Therefore it needs to be buffed a bit.

True, and on two-handers I would always take coven’s augment. But melee dual-wielders need that 60 OA and that damage, because they lack damage in general. I am not talking about EOR Warborn which is a whole different story and can’t be used as a measurement stick for melee physical.

cunning dump!

Of course, my man, and still it needs those, unfortunately.

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+1, physical augments are pretty shit unless you grab Beronath for 3x Osyr’s Temper or go with dual Havocs to load up on Hammerfall powders.

yep, used to have 3x Osyr’s Temper on Warborn DK myself, but loss of 150% damage was pretty palpable so had to make up for DA loss elsewhere and switch to Steelbloom Powders. And of course lost OA (6% OA is less than 165 OA from Osyr’s Tempers). Lose/lose situation for any physical build atm.

Loss of 150% damage cannot possibly compensate for flat damage augments on physical weapons.

As I’ve said above, each augment will be gimped by enemy armor

+1. Acid Augments also needs to be changed.

For non-pet Acid / poison builds, the two are almost identical. I think one of them should be OA + flat dmg.

Also about many other Augments.
Basically, those without any OA or DA are rarely used. I think you should give at least about 20. Of course, lower the other numbers a little to balance.


When would one choose these over 30% elemental resistances of Arcanum Dust x 3? Never, in all likelyhood. Most acid builds desperately need elemental resist and the loss of 15%dmg per augment is usually minor. If you do manage to get soft-caps, then the overcap is also great.

For pet builds, there are better choices, as well. If not taking pet resistances, then there is pet crit/%OA/speed all in one augment. :roll_eyes: It’s pretty rare where you desperately need that character DA.

So, maybe 20-30 OA is a good idea for an addition to Rotgut. The other one, Irrah, needs quite a bit more to compete because you don’t even have the energy regen.


Gentlemen, you gonna get Arcanum Dust nerfed… :joy:


I personally think arcanum dust is overrated; IMO it’s a crutch for acid builds simply because of the garbage itemization they are forced into


I agree with both of these. Perhaps one of them could be changed to flat 70 OA for the player (and a bit more offensive stats for pets like +5% crit? or +%pet total speed instead of just atk speed) so that Hybrid Pet build concepts that the devs still wish to keep in the game, or atleast item procs that proc on Crit like Ghol Spiders can have an easier time.

As of now, on Pet builds I mostly use Arcanum Dust or Irrah’s blood if I need DA and Mogdrogen’s blessing or Mender’s Powder for pet stuff.

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Could you please, please, please learn to spell Acid correctly? It’s driving me nuts and making it hard to read your posts and pay attention to whatever points your trying to make, and I can’t be the only one whose getting distracted by it.

I mean it’s right there in the images you posted!

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He’s not a native english speaker mate, and he relies on third party translators to converse with all of us. My guess is that it’s an inherent spelling error in the translator he’s using.

Imagine if the primary language used in the forum was Hebrew, how difficult would it be to for you or me to communicate?


Sorry if you feel uncomfortable. Thank you for teaching me.:wink:


Спанки :wink:

Yes it doesn’t look nice to see typos but most of the people in the forum are from different parts of the world and are not native English speakers. So mistakes are acceptable if you can understand the point of their sentences.

And @xOMOCHIx feedback is spot on!

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