[Feedback] Wildblood nerfs were a bit too much

Hello there,

Wildblood set was hit hard in the patch Vitality Wildblood builds lived through the nerf although barely given the simultaneous nerfs to Vitality devotions and rework of monsters resists and resist reduction (double RR builds took the hardest hit obviously).

Then there this Bleeding Trickster build that used to be the best all-around Bleeding build but was actually turned into a pumpkin after the patch. And Bleeding meta does not have much, in fact, in high end endgame department only handful of very similiar Bloodrager builds that are not that great when compared to high end endgame builds of other elements (especially Tricksters which can gather a lot of damage with new double rare greens but are very very glassy).

Here are some tests made by @romanN1 with my Bleeding Trickster. Also summoning @Dmt to give some feedback for Vitality part.

Tricksters as a class always get hit the hardest with damage nerfs since it’s a class that relies on damage to survive. Taking away one consistent working endgame build from them weakens already average class quite a bit.


- Give back 2 seconds Vines duration and 15% adtch to the set.

This is where most survivability for Bleeding Wildbloods came from. Vitality Wildbloods took a big hit mostly in damage, but they still can manage because they are, well, Vitality builds with multiple sources of leech. Bleeding builds are notorious for having no means of sustain, cutting adtch on the set and then duration absolutely.

Any feedback on Wildblood is welcome.


I might add only the thing I’ve said before


Well if this is getting brought up again, may as well continue where we left off last time:


There are recordings in the op.

We are not talking about DPS and speed here

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My mistake, that’ll help then. Any Wildblood Conjurer/Ritualist ones would be nice too, not just Trickster.

I didn’t say anything about DPS or speed.

Zantai already asked for current update recordings, why not just do what he asks if you want to convince him that Wildblood isn’t worth playing anymore?

Cant comment on other builds besides trickster, but i can definitely confirm that the adtch needs to come back. If that’s a bad thing because it offers too much leech for vitality builds, simply nerf other vit related stuff from other places… Bleeding tricksters are like the glassiest builds around.


So all vitality builds should suffer just to make wildblood more viable?

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and all builds using leech devotions via conversion cause why not, we got alternatives


I have played @Dmt’s Wildblood Ritualist pre-nerf and honestly it was a pretty insane build. Like super top-tier, up there together with Blightlord Opressor (pre-nerf), Phys AAR Templar and Lightning CB Sorc. But the way resists and resists and reduction were reworked and with all the nerfs to Vitality devotions (and extra vitality flat damage to Vines removed from the set) that was more than enough to tame the build.

Cutting duration and adtch bonus was a totall overkill. And what is more importantly, it completely ruined Bleeding Wildblood Trickster. Not sure how the Bleeding Wildblood Conjurer fares nowaday, it was always behind Trickster in damage department but it was tankier.


How far could you take build after patch?

It was RomanN1 who did the tests of my Trickster (huge props to him) and I linked his results in the op. Haven’t tried DMT’s Ritualist after patch (I have uninstalled the game two months ago), but I would definitely trust her feedback on the matter of Vitality Wildbloods - she has been playing and tweaking build since forever.

Almost a year playing WB

But who the hell cares :tipping_hand_woman:

Are you joking or you are actually serious about this? Vit builds have insane leech

You are suggesting nerfing vitality damage and leech over all just to make wildblood more viable? Stop playing so greedy, crucibal over 5 min are okay you know.

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I said absolutely nothing about nerfing vitality damage. Just other sources of vitality leech to counter balance the mistake that was removing adtch from wildblood. Do you even play bleed builds to see how crap survivability they have?

Can you make a concrete suggestion instead so we do not have to guess what you mean. If nerfing other sources of vitality leech, then many other builds will become squisher not only vitality builds but all builds that converts for sustain. Just to make a dot build be able to facetank…

I dont see other builda have survivability issues like bleed ones do. Corect me if im wrong

still seems you want all other builds to suffer to make bleed + vit builds more viable.

Other builds dont have problems surviving and other vit builds definitely dont have problems surviving.