[FG] Final Bossfight and what's leading up to it [SPOILERS]

First of all, Forgotten Gods is amazing. The visual diversity of the new areas is fantastic. I love it. I like FG way more than Ashes of Malmouth already.

Now to the final bossfight:

Crate did a great job with this. They didn’t oversell the fight. It’s a real step up compared to previous major bossfights. Way more dynamic. The boss telegraphs his attacks really well, so it never felt unfair, clunkly or weird. The moment when he’s unchaining himself worked great in regards to creating suspense. I didn’t die to him on Ultimate even though his attacks hit hard, because he is telegraphing his attacks so well. I consider that a plus. Since he has a good health pool, the fight doesn’t just end after 10 seconds. Excellent job.

Now, one thing I didn’t enjoy too much: The bossfight leading up to the final boss. I don’t wanna name him because it would be a major spoiler to the story. I didn’t like that fight. It felt like a really cheesy version of Gargabol. The area is very small and his fire AoE was annoying as f*ck. My fire resistance was 16% overcapped but that doesn’t seem to be close to enough. I will try him again later with a potion for more fire res. But the fact that he literally jumps on you while his AoE is still going is HELL.

What do you think about him?

I love the final boss but wish he had a bit more HP, he is not weak atm but he can use a mild buff imo - nothing spectacular though.
The last to last boss was boring - expected more out of the fight considering all the build up with that person. Fire res - its rule of tumb to overcap major res with at least 30% and you wont see issues.

Something i wish is improved in the entire final area - the Temple - it needs more hero spawns/more mob diversity. It is a bit barren compared with the final area of AoM where you are literally drowned in enemy mobs and often fight 5-6 heroes at once - its so fun and it helps grind that Nemesis rep in managable timeframe.

This pretty much sums up my feeling. In addition, the color scheme for the fight is terrible. Orange/red on red with orange/red.

now when you think of it, it would have been more epic if we had father k fight alongside the final boss. That would have been the most epic boss fight:p

I hate how FK gets killed off but now that i think about it Now that both major leaders of DV and KC are dead maybe in the next expac they will make you the leader as the replacement, that would be kind of cool

I don’t really like the final phase of the last boss, he spends way too much time being invulnerable (I think, or he’s hard to target?) while he’s flying to cast some of his attacks.
I liked FK though, the room is small enough that you can actually see the jump and evade it with the new movement skills, unlike the final boss that jumps you from outside the screen.

I fought FK again yesterday. It’s not a hard fight when you know what he’s doing. It’s a quick fight, too. But then again, I wasn’t able to tell that when I first encountered him because everything happened so quickly. And when my healthbar rapidly goes down multiple times I “panic” and focus more on survival than attack patterns and status effects/debuffs.

If you want to buff any boss’ HP, first take into account what build you play and with what gear level. If you are overgeared (properly built) then the fight is supposed to end quickly.

and it does.

The final boss fight done great, the pre-final is plain terrible. I thought I was supposed to stay on the arena side which is not in the fire but there was a few times when it was fully filled with flame. Da hell?! There wasn’t any observable spot to stand safely, so life bar went down then the boss shoots and jumps… jeez, that’s not what I’d call a fair fight.

Yeah, you pretty much have to hug the hole in the centre when that happens (or at least that was the case during pre-release testing).

It’s…not great.

Just curious how the summoners managed to kill pre-final boss. Corpse runs or portal-foo I’d guess.
And since we’re talking about FG bosses anyway, the engine should turn the damn NPCs off if the fight with boss has begun. The fight with Uroboruuk’s son would be much smoother if this old man wouldn’t catch my clicks, goddammit. The trial in Conclave would be much smoother if the examiners wouldn’t… you get the idea

I don’t get the second to last boss. It seems insanely overtuned. I made a new character for FG, did entire elite + ultimate before going to FG content. Had no problems with any previous bosses as a EoR Archon (Oathkeeper + Shaman, got to lvl 97 when I reached him). But this boss wrecks me. Literally. I got all resistances to 80 with augments and components I had available to me at this point. He kills me in 1 sec with 2 melee attacks, not to mention ENTIRE room being on fire all the time. It’s insane. I can’t finish the story with that charactrer without farming BiS gear to kill that one boss.

I’ve tried it on my old lvl 100 fully geared Warder. The dmg he does to me is still insane. Last boss doesn’t even do 1/3 of the dmg that F. K. is dishing out, even when you just facetank him and all his abilities. Seems really broken to me.

Simple answer: very fast :wink:

I did a special FG toon (Warlord S&B), finished vanilla with death count 0, facetanked “Longhornyon” and nearly all of Uggdenbog. Before pre-final my toon had 74% fire res and 7k hp on level 50 - wasn’t enough on Normal. I supposed Normal to be a “demo” version of the real fights on Elite+, forgiving to noobs and all, then pre-final has shown me some hardcore. I blame the fire floor for my toon’s death but it wasn’t fun in all aspects.

Maybe I’m just low lvl (level 41 at the moment) and still at vetaran but I kill him withing 5 seconds and the floor is not on fire (seemingly) just looking orangeish. I am a shieldbreaker (OK+Demo) fresh started (no twink gear at all).
Did like 3-4 runs at that pre-final boss for his MI (good for elemental EoR). I don’t know maybe he gets way harder in Elite and Ultimate?

Yeah, this is my biggest gripe as well. I can see why they designed it that way (it was probably done on purpose to force you to kite and discourage 1bil DPS builds from just being able to faceroll) but it’s still annoying.

As a person who played Titan Quest and had to endure Typhon though, I hesitate to call anything else “overtuned.” Good god that boss.

Huh ? Typhon was a pushover, GD has many harder bosses

Maybe I just really suck at builds in that game then? I’ve never done any build in that game that didn’t get just completely stonewalled by Typhon.

From my expereince, it’s because he debuffs your elemental resistance. If you ovecap it by 30% you will have a much better time.