Finish Main Story on Normal

Hello gentlemen! My friend and I are getting close to finishing the main story on Normal with Veteran difficulty. What exactly happens after you beat the final boss? I assume the game just continues on?

The other piece I am curious about is at this point we are absolutely destroying all the enemies. Should we start a new game at a higher difficulty to bump up the challenge before tackling the expansions? When starting a new game with a character that has defeated the final boss on the previous difficulty, what exactly carries over? Is it just faction reputation and inventory?


After you defeat the final boss of Vanilla campaign, you either go to Ashes of Malmouth or to Forgotten Gods’ areas to unlock factions, or to higher (elite) difficulty.
The thing that you’re crashing down enemies means you’re overpowered for this moment of game.

Thanks! So what carries over when I start a new game on Elite???

Character levels, notes, lore notes, gear, iron bits, reputation with factions and devotion points earned from purifying and fixing shrines are kept throughout every difficulty.

What starts anew with each difficulty are main campaign quests, side-quests, and whether you want to stay with Kymon’s Chosen or Order of Death’s Vigil, as well as factions you allied with previously, whether you want to stay allied or turn your back on them when you encounter them again during the main campaign.

multiplayer makes the main game content much easier. stacking resistance reductions on enemies become trivial thing, shredding enemy resistance to jaw dropping levels.

if you want multiplayer challenge on main campaign, consider clearing areas with enemies that have much higher levels than your party. or try the roguelike dungeons. or even more challenging, do crucible or shattered realms and try to master the higher number waves/shards.

Note that you’ll take a 25% hit on your resistances when you move up to Elite and the same again when you reach Ultimate.

Thanks Aerezegir for that rundown, that was what I was looking for! Thanks as well for the other posts folks! Really enjoying the game, just looking for a bump up in challenge.

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As kukuhimanpr said multiplayer is easier since the game is balanced around single player. That said, the expansions do increase the difficulty a bit over the base game though Crate have recently gone back over GD to bring it more in line with the expansions on that front. Still, you might want to try this mod

when multiplaying to give yourselves more challenging gameplay. I think it’s up to date, but you can check that with adoomgod in the thread.

Right on man, thanks for the mod info!