[MOD] Grim Dawn Multiplayer Enhanced Difficulty

Grim Dawn Multiplayer Enhanced Version 1.0
(download links at the very bottom)

Patch Notes for all three here.


  1. After downloading, unzip folder to this location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods
    1a. If “mods” folder doesn’t exist, make one.
    2a. If using cloud save, learn how to get your character files onto your computer via this thread.
    2b. If not using cloud save, or having done 2a, use Mamba’s GDStash to transfer your characters from vanilla over to the mod if you don’t want to start over.
  2. Enjoy

Theorized FAQ answers

  • This mod will increase the difficulty added in multiplayer per player. I’ll need your help to balance the mod.
  • There will eventually be 3 maintained versions: Basic, Advanced, and Hell. I will not make more. It’ll be annoying just to maintain 3.
  • Your characters will be compatible through all versions and can be swapped between the 3 difficulties. but your shared stash/blueprints/transmogs/etc. might not carry over, so you’ll have to copy them over or use Mamba’s GDStash to help possibly.
  • Click the named links below to download the respective version you want.
  • You can leave comments on the google doc patch notes but I’d prefer if you ALSO posted here.
  • I will never make a version that makes multiplayer slower than single player unless I find a way to also make the drop rates go up significantly to compensate. It goes against my basic multiplayer philosophy. I will consider making the Hell version have the monsters be deadlier, but not tankier than if you were playing singleplayer. If you’re finding multiplayer harder than singleplayer let me know immediately.

Grim Dawn - MPE - Basic 1.01
Grim Dawn - MPE - Advanced 1.00
Grim Dawn - MPE - Hell 1.00
Patch Notes for all three here.

Nice initiative :slight_smile:

Curious to see if this will be going places

This mod is needed.Game too easy.

Guess you’ll be installing it then.

Frankly this mod is so easy to make I can take requests. If you try it out with a group of friends and still find elite and/or ultimate too easily, I can make harder versions. But seems Zantai is right and most people like multiplayer in its current state.

More than likely there’s just not enough people interested in playing mods.

I don’t play mods with friends tbh but the main campaign ye mostly with friends
The multiplayer needs this kind of difficulty or even more,i WIll try with 4 ppl this week since some of my friends are coming back to game and report you back.
As it is i slash through mods like butter on ultimate

Hi, tryed so far with 3 people group.

Is it possible to get a version like this ?

Normal : +30% HP , + 3% Resistance (including physical, vitality)
+15 flat oa, +10 flat da

Elite : +60% HP, +6% Resistance
+20 flat oa, +20 flat da

Ultimate: +90% HP, +9% Resistance
+25 flat oa, +30 flat da

Would be rly nice :wink:

That’s great man. Uh, I’m not going to do that exactly since I don’t like the numbers you picked. I’ll work on a harder version immediately though. And if that’s too easy I’ll make an even harder one. And if I implemented your choice for normal it’d actually make the game easier. Right now in normal monsters get +90% hp per player lol.

The reason I don’t want to give monsters more resistances than I already have is because it’ll make players crave Resist Reduction even more. And the goal is partially not to change the meta from vanilla at all. If anything I’ll probably just keep tweaking HP and monster total dmg primarily.

Updated Basic version.

Patch Notes

Released advanced version.
Let me know if anyone has more interesting ideas on how to tweak monster scaling in multiplayer. This does not include requests for specific changes for bosses or specific enemies. I’m not doing that here unless my changes unbalance one encounter in a bad way.

I’m also considering increasing base monster’s hp by 50% on all difficulties, slowing down the game a bit, period. Bosses have neat kits if they live long enough to use them haha. Maybe just for hell difficulty hmm.

So far its amazing, tthe only downvote its for being a mod and have to transfer the characters back and forth,something that my pals dont go crazy for.
I know there is no other way:/

Just started with advanced and so far i like the curve it has even tho normal is easier. For me dont add more resistances and more OA DA , adjusting the HP between more players is nice.
Also would be nice if some of these triggers can me manualy enabled.
Lets say i wanna play with 2 players and i want the HP of the monsters to have the value they should have with 3 or 4 players.

Thanks for ur reply!

Yeah i don’t looked too much at the numbers sorry. The numbers
i listed was kinda meant to put on the top of the numbers like they are in the mod ~ 3 weeks ago. ( So in normal id like to see having them 30-60% more hp as they alrdy have in the mod in multiplayer, testing based on 3 people party)

But it seems ur alrdy planning that.

The idea of the resistances was just because we wanted to group up usefull, so we always reach kinda extreme high resistance shred together (we choose playing stuff matching together with buffs and debuffs) So that it kinda “forces” the groups to think about their supporting part abit more i guess.

Will test the advanced version the next time.


If I had the ability to control this I would. I don’t know if there’s even a console command for that. I think more OA and DA is fair because multiple players usually have access to different skills that lowers monster OA and DA a ton, even just from item procs. Believe me though, if I could add a command that lets you control how many players the game is scaled to, I would.

I understand if you don’t want normal easier (though in advanced normal monsters do more dmg per player and don’t have that much less hp, at least, and I can keep tuning this up if need be). At the very least I don’t want normal to be slower. I hate normal difficulty. I want to level past it as fast as possible. There’s nothing difficult in normal and there shouldn’t be. It’s not that I think you’re wrong or anything. I’m just a selfish modder. I simply won’t make a mod that makes people take more time in normal :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I have no plans on further increasing monster resistances in hell difficulty. Still not even sure about making hell difficulty but if people are feeling ultimate is still too easy in advanced, I’ll consider making something more punishing.

The thing is that I’m not looking to make the game harder at all. That’s not this mod. This mod is simply for people who are tired of how multiplayer in vanilla is literally “faceroll” easy. I don’t think GD is hard either, but multiplayer to me is like a joke, especially with 4 people. Even in Advanced difficulty the game will feel faster and easier with 4 people than with 1. That’s good design to me. Multiplayer should be faster and easier than singleplayer. Just not exponentially so. Maybe I’ll make a separate mod that just makes the game harder overall.

I am considering looking into hell difficulty being the only one that actually makes the entire game harder on all difficulties but also has increased drop rates or something. I’m really not sure what I’m thinking about hell difficulty. This mod is low priority for me since there isn’t much demand and since I get to playtest 1.0.7 and eventually OathKeeper early. I just figured the few people who would want this kind of mod with their friends would REALLY appreciate it. Maybe I’ll even make more than 3 versions, who knows.

You want to reward grouping up and punish separating? The simplest thing I could do is change nothing except make monsters have 100% more hp per person. Your kill times for playing alone would be greatly diminished, but grouping up would still be faster than single player since you stack resist reduction and group buffs. It’s probably the thing I’m looking at for hell difficulty. Maybe I’ll make a new version “expert” that does that and then make hell difficulty harder.

It’s all up in the air now. This mod is in its infancy. I’m considering making a separate mod where enemies have 100% more hp, period, and make 3 versions of that similar to this mod. It’d slow down the game which isn’t really my cup of tea, but it’d make boss fights last longer so you’d see more of their skills. Heck in that mod I may take the time to edit specific boss fights to make them even harder and more interesting.

Espacially “buffing” the bosses is an great idea. For myself bossfights
are the most disapointing part in Grim Dawns Multiplayer^^
I think u have the right thoughts so im just waiting what u will get out of it :stuck_out_tongue: We can test it next week.
Ill record also a bit, maybe thats helpful for others to see how such a change
is like.

Cant wait to test your Mod next Week with Krapfn and more Players.
He was telling me that you are creating this mod.

Love your Idea and i also love Multiplayer. Hope that we can get more Players to get around this Mod.

Keep up your Work. Will give you more Feedback next week.

Sounds good. In my old mod I did with Ceno, “Cornucopia” I did get around to buffing the Reincarnator and Ancient Shambler boss fights. The latter was pretty fun but needs a little more work. The problem is that while I want to make boss fights harder, I also feel that in doing so they should all have a unique drop that’s actually decent. So that’s more work too.

I’ll await some feedback on advanced difficulty before I finally figure out what I want to do with hell difficulty. I’m considering an expert difficulty as well, before hell.

Hell difficulty might be the only one where I make singleplayer harder as well, and maybe I’ll add the boss changes there and thus force people to play a harder GD if they want cool boss fights. >:D

Dunno what I think will be best yet. Lots of options moving forward in development.

Making the current mod, just numerical changes is fast and easy. Making boss fights harder and interesting is difficult as heck. So don’t expect anything for a long while. I’m also a playtester so my attention is mostly on trying to help the devs get the expansion balanced.

It is a dream of mine to eventually “touch up” all the boss fights in the game currently.

Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

I hope you guys get back to work in Cornucopia next year, it would be great.

There’s something special brewing among the mod community for next year. No spoilers :stuck_out_tongue:

This mod I’m making here is a bit more clever than I thought, because I can use it as a framework for all future mods. Basically all content mods I make in the future can be balanced around these 3 difficulties. All future mods I make can have each of these 3 difficulties merged in for 3 different versions.

So Cornucopia Basic, Cornucopia Advanced, Cornucopia Hell, would be a thing for people who want to play with friends and tune the difficulty exactly to their tastes. I’m starting to get an idea of how I want to do Hell difficulty.

As for Cornucopia specifically, Devs have done a great job balancing game since we started. There’s less to do on the player side now. As a playtester I’m doing my damnest to try and further help them balance the base game on the player side. This will give Ceno and I less work to do in Cornucopia 2.0

When we return to Cornucopia we’re going to take a more reserved approach on buffing anything. We got carried away last time. Lessons were learned. We also will probably not try to rebalance attributes again. It’d require reworking aspects of the whole game. Anything with attributes/that gives attributes would need to be looked over. Massive amount of work for something that doesn’t actually add much fun. Some of our old changes will probably be directly brought back in though.

Buffing bosses is something I will finish at some point for sure. Basically, the future of Cornucopia has narrowed in scope, and that’s a good thing. I plan on making crafting a ton less tedious as well. We came up with a really good idea to make blacksmith crafting bonuses way less RNG based and way more balanced between them. Making your choice of smith matter.

TLDR; anything shit will be buffed again, but not as crazily as we did last time. All bosses will be made cooler. I hope to give them all a unique drop or multiple unique drops as well. Crafting will be better. Physique will sadly remain king.

Taking a different approach with hell difficulty, see link in opening post. Will simply incorporate advanced difficulty + add specific changes to bosses. Eventually I’ll add rewards and maybe tweak the spawn amounts of heroes, their difficulty, etc. as well. Don’t want to slow the game down except at bosses and mini-bosses though.