[Fire Caster] Taco Bell Defiler - Fire based Ravenous Earth build

The current state of defilers is very poor they really lack item support. I am making this work through Vitality -> Fire conversion on items. Hopefully in later patches they address this by adding a new set and not adding bonuses to some existing set (looking at you krieg)

Grimtools -

Defiler - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLzXYON

*Screenshot with permanent buffs only

You can even try Cabalist with this build’s concept using Doom Bolt as a nuke.


What is Taco Bell?


  1. Feed earth Taco Bell
  2. Anal Explosion
  3. ???
  4. Profit

How to Play?

This is an extremely tricky build to play against bosses. You can’t kill a target by casting Ravenous Earth right under its feet.
Ravenous Earth needs to be placed around your foe, this allows your all of the Ravenous Earth’s projectiles to hit your target and shotgun them to death.
Learning how to play this build will take some time but things should be better once you get the hang of things.

Mortar Trap isn’t tricky to use at all and adds to the QoL of the build. Of course if you lack Terronox’s Off-Hand then you can use Grenado.

How important are the MIs to this build?

I tested this concept with Pandemic Dagger, Cataclysm’s Eye and Mark of Divinity. The kill speed on that setup against single target was too slow. So I’d say the base MI is pretty important if not outright build enabling, as this setup clears single target much quicker.

Although do note that YOU DO NOT NEED specific rolls on the MI, you just need the base item for the skill mod

What items are key to this build?

As stated above that while the base MIs help improve performance they’re not key to the build. The two Blazeseer Rings and the Darkblaze Amulet are they key to this build.

Have you tried Grenado on this build?

Yes I have and if you lack Terrnox’s MI you should use Grenado over Mortar Trap.

How does it fare against the content?

I haven’t tried any Super Boss yet but I did take on almost all the nemesis and they did go down. I won’t lie, single target isn’t too stellar despite breezing through Malmouth and Valbury’s crowded spots you will feel slower in 1v1 situations against end game bosses. But it’s not bad to the point that it gets frustrating. So we’re good
Your worst nightmare is the Mad Queen. Her retaliation aura will proc like crazy and Mark of Torment won’t do squat to save you. In that situation only Blast Shield can help you
Another thing about Ravenous Earth is that its less effective against smaller hitboxes and brutally effective against large hitboxes. So smaller targets like Maiden and Aleksandr go down slower when compared to Ben’Jahar and Moosilauke. Although we have Grenado/Mortar Trap to help us with this problem so it’s not a big deal.

Why pick Magi constellation over Phoenix?

Phoenix Fire has a much higher CD when compared to Fissure. Since we lack procs on items Fissure fits this build perfectly. Fissure is essentially similar to Ravenous Earth so if one pops up directly under your enemy’s feet then draw them a little away so that it can deal damage

Why no Wendigo?

Wendigo fits this build but I couldn’t squeeze it anywhere w/o loosing something valuable so I stuck with a non-Wendigo setup

In Closing-

Overall the build is pretty decent in the hands of someone who knows how to play it, I can safely say this is true for almost every Ravenous Earth build.
I am hoping they add some sort of Mortar Trap + Ravenous Earth setas they’re both “Trap skills”
Hope you guys enjoy this


Reserved for future

Vit-fire conversion exists, I did not know that. Noted for future reference.

Part of me expected Ravenous Earth to be bound to Fissure for the hilarity of one shotgun spawning more but I can see Ill Omen working well too :stuck_out_tongue: Nice idea as always.

I love that you are using legendaries from five different sets and forfeit any set bonuses.

That’s one nasty Anal Fissure! :eek:

Made me hungry

Oh bois looks like blue is really the new purple, saw them popping up in every build now and then recently.

I like your self-found conversion builds.I tried your poison pox build it was fun to play.I ll try this one :slight_smile:

Is it posibble to add any video for gameplay?
I think we dont have color change for skill modifier right? Otherwise it would be really fun see flame farting earth:)

Do you have any plan for future build?(I m looking forward to see any build with Cold Drain Essence from you or Jajaja)

I am actually working on Gravechill so it’s funny you brought it up. Still testing it, I think I have a Deceiver lined up next for the forums since we don’t have those yet but Deceiver will most likely be a mini-guide added to an existing thread. I won’t do a full fledged guide for now

And sorry I don’t do videos

As for Poison Pox, it’s vastly superior to this imo due to QoL of DoTs.And lastly I am not self found which is why I have stuff this good :smiley:

Remember we also have Blazeheart

If they make Arcane Storm (only epic set with an LMB granted skill) actually good then I’ll post my build on it that I’ve been wanting to post since vanilla

Good for you…I guess

Shows you how bad Defiler item support is. What’s worse i don’t use Blazheart, or to be exact can’t use Blazeheart and loose more than half my performance

Thank you
What you wanted is doable but for AoE clear Ill Omen is the boss


You managed to impress me, dead god.


Huh, well you still haven’t “demi-god”

looks interesting. can u post a short gameplay video maybe?

Because I beat the shit out of mortals, not post builds for them.

Besides, the mastery with Fiery Doom Bolt and Crystal Forcewave isn’t even available to mortals, so what’s the point?..

Man Chthon, I can always count on you to come up with unique stuff. Here I was gung-ho on making sure to demonstrate with any Defiler build posted that another class combo could do it better. I don’t think that is the case with this one. Well done man. Also, didn’t know Blazesignet rings existed for more Vitality to Fire conversion, now that I know we can get 100% I feel more comfortable with Defilers having a better shot. Too bad any build doing it needs to sacrifice their ring slots and either an ammy or weapon slot…

Surprised you didn’t mention Cabalist


Not tested, just theorycrafted ^
Since we have high conversion I didn’t think we needed the Bloodsworn medal
Although the cabalist setup might not be necessarily better, it just shows this particular defiler concept isn’t unique to this class combo

Ah true, yeah I’m surprised that didn’t even occur to me. Just figured it would seem silly for a Cabalist to convert its Vit to Fire when it has such great Vitality support already. Still didn’t occur to me though, so good point.

Agonizing Flame’s and Foul Eruption’s RR doesn’t stack right?Do we need to spend skill points for both of them?