First L100 - Warlord - Constructive Feedback on Build, Please :)

Hi all,

Just hit L100 for the first time on any char, on my S&B Warlord. Got to 98 in Normal and Elite and then ground out the last 2 levels in Shattered Realm.

Looking for some feedback/thoughts on the build points allocation and any other advice you might be able to offer?

GrimTools link -

I’ve managed to be overcapped on all resistances in Ultimate bar a point or two in Lightning, even after giving up my beloved Mythical Avatar of Mercy Amulet and its lovely +4% to all resistance caps, for another amulet that lets me maintain essentially 100% uptime on Overguard with great attack speed and OA/DA synergies from the amulet and shield.

General play style is just to round up as many mobs as I can be bothered with and mow them down - with passive procs plus the Guardians’ regularly proccing the Oleron devotion the screen just looks like a lawn-mower while my health bar almost never moves thanks the ADctH and the regular belt proc. Only mob that’s bested me so far is Callagadra which was a total bloodbath although I did last 20 seconds or so - other mobs like Morgoneth in Elite (which pulverised my otherwise face-melty AAR Spellbinder) I just literally stand on their feet and punch them in the face until they die, health bar flickering back and forward between 95 and 100 %.

Realise Ultimate gonna be a whole new game though.

My main concern now is that I have more DA than I know what to do with (at one point before I changed amulets and a few components I was over 4k DA with Overguard up), but I’m really scraping to find enough OA to not be missing Ultimate bosses. Any suggestions here?

Many thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:


Take away the points from Counter Strike to War Cry. You don’t do retaliation damage and War Cry has damage reduction to enemies. I would do this
You don’t do enough retal damage at all. Focus on Cadence.

I changed your devos for azraaka.

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Thanks for the feedback. Your comments about retal damage - how much is ‘enough’? I realise it’s nowhere near what better geared toons are doing retal-wise but it still seems to make up at least 50% of my trash clear damage at least - realise bosses are different :slight_smile:

More than 100 000 I guess. But I never played retal.

Try to squeeze in more points to Ascension - flat damage absorption and to Crushing Verdict on Judgment for DA reduction to enemies. If you could do more OA with better items than go for Divine Mandate instead of Oleron’s Rage for critical damage.
Something like this

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I changed your resistances. You need better augments than you have currently

Thanks again. I notice with your suggested builds you moved a boat load of points from Physique into Cunning. I might not be up to date but all the guides I’ve been working off all suggest pumping every point you can into Physique - is that not best practise any more?

Cunning gives OA and physical damage. You need that. You have enough life and DA. Generally you want to get to around 3000 OA and DA. 2800 could be OK if you have reductions to enemies. OA doesn’t have much point for you now. You can do 100 % hits now with your OA and you don’t have any crit damage. If you would have more crit damage (Divine Mandate) than OA would matter more for you. But still you want to at least hit 100 % of the time.

I have also noticed you don’t have enough points in your WPS skills so that they are used more. You have totally 46 % chance to use them. With this you will have 72 % chance to use them.

Edited link
I have also noticed that you could do better relic. Sorry for not doing it all at once :slight_smile:

Drop Zolhan its crap for 1H melee

Flat physical damage sources get individual armor checks (weapon, shield and jewlrey augments)

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Without Zolhan you could do this. But try to change Oleron’s Rage for Divine Mandate with better items to cover your OA loss from leaving Oleron.

Totally normal shield as weapon?

With Totally Normal Shield it could be like this

Or just Fettan mask + 3 faction items (well 4 since the ring is counted double) (shop them when they have high rolls)

Changed augments and wpn component

Belt, farm crabs for with “of attack” suffix. It can get prefix too but I left it. Change armor augments depending on what you get

All items are “free” (exect some iron bits and rerolling vendor inventory for good rolls) and getting a decenent crab belt is very easy too.

btw one devotion point was not assigned, I took first node in Typhos for OA

I would change Oleron for Divine Mandate.

Also fine, but then (unless you keep points in soldier mastery bar) you need to pump Military conditioning or veterancy to be able to wear pants

Then one can change boot component for something due to moar slow res (RIP run speed though)

I would also change amulet augment for a rush ability rather than leap (because I hate leap)

Thanks for all the commentary, very useful - although it does mean I need to go do some farming!

Trying to understand the comment about ditching Zolhan - i’ve only got 1 point in it - is the issue with it it has no flat damage attached and therefore doesn’t advantage fast attacks?

For 1 point i get 6 points worth and because my WPS skills even with it don’t exceed 100%, is it really worse than the default attack it would replace (plus the use of 1 point elsewhere).

Not doubting, just trying to understand the logic.

One other question - If i do as you suggest Duchy and switch from Oleron to Divine Mandate, am I better off leaving those 10 Soldier mastery bar points in place, or pull them back, switch stats around to still be able to wear armour, and then dump the extra points into WPS skills / max out Squad Tactics/Field Command, etc?