First Time Titan Quest - What build?

Going to play through Titan Quest for the first time, including the new DLC. Just wondering for some suggestions of a build from anyone who has played through it.

I played a Stonespeaker most recently, which is Earth + Rune. I focused on fire damage and using the new throwing weapons introduced in the expansion.

Very powerful and fun character.

Dual wield melee Berserker (warfare+rune).
focus on physical damage & strength.
use onslaught instead of rune weapon (rune weapon is for int build).
use banner (its op. give +all skills, flat phys damage bonus, and reduce enemy
phys resist).
use thunderous strike to charge into enemy instead of warwind. great 1 point

you won’t have much problem on normal (machae archer’s a bit problematic,
but they’re vulnerable to doomhorn’s stun).
any enemies that gives some problem can be countered easily by stunning
them/equip specialized gears that give resist against their attacks.
but the best defense is to recognize their strongest atack and avoiding it by kiting.
or just skip them if they’re not mandatory for main quest progression.

starting on mid epic until legendary though, you need to focus on these stats for your gears:
-phys damage
-attack speed
-movement speed/total speed (without these, you need to increase game
speed so you won’t fall asleep when walking to certain bosses/areas for
-offensive ability
-defensive ability
-heavy armors
-%attack damage converted to health
-%resist to all kind of attacks, most importantly % phys resist, % stun resist and maybe % vitality resist.
-some gears that reduce enemy resistaces or armor to speed up combat.

the gameplay is pretty simple. charge into enemies, put banner, use doomhorn
if the enemy can be stunned, then just keep bashing (kite a bit if they start
preparing for some dangerous attack). use health potions constantly. energy
potions are necessary too, don’t be afraid to purchase many potions. they’re
cheap anyway.

remember that only physical/piercing melee attacks can crit in tq. this makes
melee physical/piercing the most accessible builds in tq. they’re not fancy,
but they do help alot for quick mindless farming runs.

Thanks for the two suggestions! I will check them both out.

I had a blast raising an Oracle using the 3-pronged lightning staff attack…

Conqueror all the way.

A beginner should rather have everything given on a plate, not choose between what he wants after they choose what they want. Conqueror is one of the hardest to play for a beginner, because you base on shields and dual wielding, you cannot have two weapons and a shield. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather recommend Corsair at this point, because you focus on a sword and shield - there’s nothing much to decide about in Defense and Rogue, you can pick whatever you like and not care about skillpoints. Defense mastery is also very safe for beginners.

What? Never personally focused on dual wielding with conq. Just max those shield passives and you can’t go wrong.

Agreed. You just waste too much of the Defense mastery if you go dual wield. Club/shield with Onslaught was the way I went with both my Conquerors.

hunting+ nature its one of strongest very safe combo.

Plague+ study prey is great pick

Yes, but if you’ll be a first timer, you’ll be confused because there are dual wield skills that don’t indicate they’re dual wield only, so a new player will just pick them and waste points. It’s better to give a newcommer something easy to understand, like, this works with sword, bleeding = sharp, sharp = sword, shield = a board on hand that defends you. You know, easy tooltip, easy to think about even if you’re a dumbfuck like me. Fuck you, USER_NAME_01, you’re the dumbfuck here, not me!

Yeah, I bet you get what I mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh? :confused: The base skill clearly says “Learn to effectively wield two weapons” (Titancalc) and “Learn to effectively wield two weapons and perform occasional double attacks or throws” (TitanCalc AE). It’s even called Dual Wield. How much clearer do you want/need it to be?

Actually never looked at them in the Anniversary version. In TQIT it didn’t say it’s for dual wielding only (or at least in the language I played on). That’s why I said this. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate translations, they’re never correct.

Ranger was my first serious character. Got the furthest with it, somewhere in Act 3, Legendady difficulty.

Storm + Defense cause the name matters most:cool:

just being curious;
is paladin (storm + defense) better as str char with some utilities in storm,
or as int lightning/cold char with defense as… defense?

It can (could) be played either way. I’ve seen a mainly melee type build and also a cleric type for the class, but those were posted way back in 2006 when the game first came out so how viable they’e be now is anyone’s guess. I do enjoy playing a Paladin in TQ though because you have nice weapons like Frostbite and Glacial Maul where when you hit foes they simply freeze, shatter into pieces and then melt away. :smiley:

I prefer STR, Squall gives 30% reduced damage and resists, 45% when fully overcapped. On top of that, Spellbreaker which is superb when fully overcapped (can literally shred any enemy when used right after Squall, bosses lose half of their mana, mostly).

I personally go always full STR and for gear I try +4 to all skills and as much defense as possible. And Sapros the Corrupter makes everything possible with that.

I enjoyed Tsunderer in pre-IT times. Not as fast as Bone charmer or Torny brigand, but still reasonable clear speed and fun gameplay.
If you play “improved”(ruined) edition i recomend a Warlock for hybrid melee/caster .

Honestly, looking at skill stats pre Anniversary, Anniversary did a super good job with most of the skills. I hardly disagree it’s ruined.