Fishing and water

this is about to be a rant sorry…
i would really like to see options to upgrage the fishing house to some kind of boat yard or fishery. being able to raise fish, or send people out on boats to fish the middle of a lake, just makes sense to me. some bodies of water on maps are so large its not possible for my villagers to get to the center of it. this could also lead to a second option for trading! when bodies of water go off map and lead into a big wide world who knows what could be traded.
also we have terrain modifications for smoothing ground why don’t we have an option to build water ways and/or canal’s through our cities? man made trenches from existing water trough our cities, allowing us the ability to move water where we might not be able to place a well.
on that note. bridges. we should be able to build bridges over narrow bodies of water as a part of the road.

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Not happening atm, maybe never because

Great idea, I think it’s very good,

I have some understanding

The use of fish is much weaker than that of meat, vegetables and fruits

First, hunters can get both meat and skin when they get meat from all kinds of animals (a herd of deer can eat at least 360 food a year. For fish, if there is water area, if it is not a lake area, it is usually 100 to 200 fish catch, it is difficult to have more than 300, and the fish itself does not produce animal skin, its comprehensive ability is weaker than meat)

The second fruit is usually mature orchard. If the fertilizer is sufficient, there will be 700 output. Of course, if the rotten fruit is included, at least 200 will be available for villagers. Secondly, fruit can reduce septicemia. But the size of fish is small, and people usually process smoked fish twice, so the yield of fish in the lake is too low

I hope that at least farmers can be allowed to throw grass into the lake regularly, so as to appropriately increase the yield of fish

Throwing grass clippings into a lake would cause a nitrogen levels to increase and rapidly deplete oxygen levels due to anaerobic bacteria bloom. Where do you get this idea from?!?