Fixing my Elementalist

So i tried theorycraft a " 1 handed - Primal Strike" melee build with Elementalist ( Vindicator was the first choice but when i see Thermite Mine can RR, i switched to Elementalis) and the result is somewhat bad. Like if lightning Warder is 10/10 then this is only 5/10.
SR 65-66 is doable, it is not hard nor easy, dont have to constant posititon at all but think getting harder when i tried to climb more. SR 70-71 is hard but still doable if you get good mutators then SR 75-76 is so hard, i get squashed a lot by Grava and Kuba. Havent tried Crucible but i doubt it can do 150-170.
How can i fix it ?

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Not sure how much this will help you but:

  • Didn’t you go a bit too low on Blast Shield?

    • I think I’d drop Ulzuin’s Wrath to 1 or even 0
      (it doesn’t work against your main target anyway since you are melee?) and put the rest into BS
  • I think I’d personally go for more Attack Speed / Leech than Health Regen but I’m not certain about this, haven’t played this one

@asiantallguy Very nice build btw, don’t want to sound I don’t like it, just thinking what to change :wink:

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That’s the only source of DR though :thinking:

Move elemental storm to Wind devil: they can proc it much more reliably and they could even stack damage if they are spawned by a different wind devil. Ultos is nice, but you’re already using Torrent on primal strike to deal with crowds.

More Blast shield

Since you’re relying on health regen for survival, you could look at switching your armor for Pyran’s, since it has flat health regen
Put more points into heart of the wild: Total health AND % health regen would help

Try this devotion setup instead:

A bit less offensive, but Tree of life takes a health regen build and sends it to overdrive all by itself

Nope, Attuned Lodestone and I think I saw something else besides so what if it’s DR if it doesn’t work

@DeputyChuck and Dawnshard proc

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Fair point

No, really thank you. I want the build to work properly at least SR 75-76 can be doable so i appreciate every things you guys point out. But yeah i think the build still lack AS.

Ok, I have a weird idea. Going ham on Blast Shield!
I only changed necklace and gloves to one with mods to Blast Shield.

What do you guys think? And putting as many points to it as possible.
And gloves even even have AS buff for Shield users.

so around 900 absorption and other stuff for 5 seconds with 4? seconds downtime
(I’m hoping cooldown starts when it activates, that how I remember it not not 100% anymore)
May be just what this builds need tbh

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I will try the change but i have to grind for the amulet. Hopefully some SR run with a piece of Ulzuin and i can convert it to the amulet

I grab Ultos only for RR. Is it gonna be enough RR only from Raging Tempest and Thermite Mine ?

You also have Elemental storm and could pick up viper if you felt the need.

Maybe first try the gloves if you have them and generally boosting Blast Shield instead of Ulzuin’s Wrath.
If it already doesn’t help you, then no point in adding the amulet.

So i tested your new set up and it is not helping a lot ( a little bit improve from tankiness). I losed a lot of damage even though the gloves provide attack speed and the fight against heavy elemental res bosses took forever. Put more point into Blast Shield somewhat solve the squish of the character ( not a lot and i had to run around a little bit till Blast Shield up, but still a valuable point ). Maybe i will try to find ring with attack speed but i dont think it is the deal because Vincdictive Flame and Storm Touched do give attack speed, i cap Tenacity of Boar and put the rest to Storm Touched and gain some attack speed, ingame attack speed is around 150% or somewhat when both activated. But thank you for the advice, still finding my way to the “ULTIMATE 1-HANDED PS” build.

Other take would be to try some DW with some good supporting weapon with Attack Speed :thinking:

@fordprefect What do you think would be best 2nd weapon for DW Primal Strike?

  • Stormheart for +1 to Shaman in

  • fantasy Segarius’ Sacred Blade
    (+2 to Mortar is replaced with +2 to Maelstrom in

  • Mythical Empyrion’s Mercy
    “Mythical Empyrion’s Mercy: increased Lightning damage to 28 and % Attack Speed to 18% and increased bonus to Soulfire to +3. Increased % Resist Reduction on the granted skill to -12% and replaced its Fire damage with Lightning damage. Increased Lightning damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 18-66 and added 100% Fire dealt as Lightning modifier for it.”

That dagger is FIRE but if go DW then the builld gonna drop Cyclone medal to Korvakk’s Brand ( Eye of the Storm is too good to be dropped).

I wonder if DW Primal Strike alternates weapons or does it use main hand?
Maybe I’ll slowly try building it in a different way from the ground up, not basing on yours so that there’s a best chance of some improvement, but it will be hard since the build is already good.

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Well, that build doesn’t make sense. Best I can suggest is to use full cyclone and cooldown PS to stack electrocute with it. But if @asiantallguy wants to spam one-hand PS; stacking lifesteal should work better than health regen. Or maybe getting lightning BWC without giving up Shield could work aswell; something like this

I didn’t ask you if it makes sense but what would be the best weapon but thanks I guess.

Sorry about that, Empyrion’s Mercy would be better since it also provides RR and phys resist but then build will lose 3 piece Cyclone bonus as OP mentioned. I don’t know if Dual Wielding work better than S&B or even using full Cyclone in this build.

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Nerver think of cd PS is a thing because too many builds do non-cd PS but yeah i’m up with the idea. Let me test some SR run with cd PS

Well if you allow for CDR Primal Strike, then there are some builds, for example this one:
(basically a full caster that happens to also use PS)