Flavour text for Double Rares

Thought it would be beyond amazing if double rare drops classified as a ‘Unique’ in loot filter terms and were highlighted (red?) to help with speed running zones/bosses and MI’s. :innocent: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: :gift_heart:

You know there’s an option in the loot filter to always show double rares?

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Yes, but along the way you need to pick up the small (non double rare) upgrades too… It’s a nice QoL feature. Understandable if they’re no longer working on it.

you might wanna take a look at Rainbow Filter, it can do exactly what you want.

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you referring to regular common items ? or double rare MIs?
because i don’t really understand why it would be necessary to highlight regular common items with rare affixes, since an MI with a single rare or potentially even double magic affix will probably still be better than a regular double rare :thinking: - ie they just get sold to vendor

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