Flexibility and variety in buildings

Flexibility and variety in buildings. A modest idea

I am really love with the game, the buildings and their work. I have also been impressed by the detail of the infrastructure and buildings in operation. I like that they respect that if I have 20 or 150 people, that’s actually the real number of people. It is something I value and appreciate.

As an opinion regarding a possible contribution would be the ability to contribute in:
1.- Can choose what aspect to put. That is, having an option to choose between the different aspects of buildings that exist, and not just randomly.
2.- The placement of buildings that is freer. By this I mean the possibility of being able to orienting buildings oneself more freely and not be bound by frames that are assembled in only one way like the others all the simillar games, namelly, try diferently mechanics that the others have not dared to try, like this. Being able to have this tool, before making a final decision on the orientation of the building, we can rotate it with some freedom so that it gives a more realistic appearance to the general appearance of the city.

To give an idea of ​​the latter, if placing the building with the left button, with the scroll can rotate the orientation of the building and with some predefined key, you can observe the other aspects of the buildings.

It is my humble opinion. I love these types of games and ever since I found out about their upcoming release, I’ve been following them to keep up to date with changes and news.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to contributing to a more enriching gaming experience. I remain at your service.


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