Food Controls

I really think there needs to be a food control panel. Too many villagers take raw meat or fish when I don’t want them to be eating it. Similar issue with animal buildings, why would I produce hay when the stable just takes my wheat anyway? I would like to be able to set what food an animal husbandry building can use for it’s feed.

Did you turn off raw meat and fish on your market? That should do the trick.
You can also set up a root cellar between your meat producers and their nearby smokehouse, have that only store raw meat, and turn off raw meat on your other root cellars.

Like us, animals need a variety of foods, and most tend to eat grains, hay, and root vegetables. I think the chickens don’t eat root vegetables if I’m not mistaken.


It does not make sense that villagers eat raw meat. This would expect we have a village of zombies. But we are simulating human settlement. Smokehouse should just increase the cooking efficiency, else villagers should smoke or cook their food in their backyard and doing less work because of that.