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Games are meant for fun, not work. However, many tasks in games still require manual work, such as moving blueberry bushes one by one, instructing hunters carrying a corpse to carry two at a time, or canceling tree constructions on decoration tags one by one. These tasks can accumulate and cause player fatigue, ultimately making the game boring.

In order to succeed in the game, it is essential to direct actions that fit the situation. There are several issues with shared individual storage in separate fields, as well as problems related to the game mechanics. For instance, it is necessary to allow players to make use of animal bodies that are left behind after being killed. This would help to nourish the land and would be a more realistic feature. It would be helpful to research articles on how reindeer have been used to revive forests.

Another issue is related to the retreat of NPCs in the game. If their level is lower than the enemy’s, they tend to retreat. This is unrealistic, and it is necessary to improve the game mechanics. Additionally, minerals are often located far from the starting point of the frontier, making it difficult to collect them. We need a way to use them effectively, and temporary huts are not playing their role again. We need a better solution to this problem.

If the harvest of crops is delayed due to personal affairs or wildlife issues, players tend to retreat instead of rearranging defenses. This is a problem that needs to be solved, and rearranging defenses can be a good solution. Furthermore, solving the food problem by catching fish from the river is not a practical solution. It would be more realistic to have large lakes and seas with a lot of fish, and narrow lakes with fewer fish. This would be more in line with real-world situations.

It would also be helpful to allow tower troops to garrison with their designated weapons, making them more efficient. This would require extra equipment, but it would be of greater help to the strategy of the game. Additionally, starting the village from the edge of the map is not a practical solution, as it requires a long travel time to get to limited resources. Villages must be dispersed, but it is important not to share people between separate villages.

These are some of the issues that need to be addressed in the game. Further research is necessary to identify other areas for improvement.

Temporary shelters get stocked with food, so workers go to them instead of going all the way back to the village. Even if they don’t get used during the winters food access keeps the workers closer to their camp/mines.

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