For Grim Dawn Devs

Please grim dawn devs keep making grim dawn content and dlc and over hualing graphics and gameplay plenty of people inculding me are willing to throw money at you guys. I really love this game keep working on expanding it it would be awesome.

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See this for why it’s unlikely to happen

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As I said, I see the willingness in principle, but a little fear of the complexity involved. Which I totally understand.

I can also understand the somewhat ‘burnout’ reg. the game and look forward, what will come next reg further patches or new games.

But I still think, when the inspiration (in ALL regards!) hits again and the burnout is overcome, everything is possible, especially if the community is willing to ‘chip in’. And afaik it is.

To trigger that inspiration though it does NOT help, to always repeat ‘nibelungentreu’ the same Feck over and over and demoralize people with it. Let them play with their imagination, nothing bad can come of it.

There’s a difference between imagination and having the actual facts that exist on the subject and being informed on and of those facts.

Medea is a moderator of the forum and with that title comes with it a certain responsibility to assist and direct people to information they may not be aware of.

Dream away all you like, but do it with the understanding that for now that’s all it will be. It certainly isn’t your place to tell her not to disseminate facts and information of a situation.

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My place is where I am. Or where I want to be.

The thread/link itself is btw very helpful and insightful, so not citizising it.

What you people lack to understand is, that a decision made today, can be totally revised tomorrow because of parameters YOU don’t (want to) see or think possible. As I said: it is possible, though unlikely, that user enthusiams at the right time will trigger MOAR.

That’s all I want to say.

For someone only recently posting around here you sure are making a lot of assumptions on what you think we know, or don’t know.

Most of us regulars actually know quite alot about what is possible. Medea for instance is also a moderator, and like myself, a praetorian (playtester) - we are in regular communication with Zantai in particular, so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. On this particular situation, all forum regulars have a pretty good idea on what to expect with this topic. We know - because Crate/Zantai have told us. Many, many times.


I am in all kinds of Forums since 1994, music, political, games… . I know my ‘Pappenheimers’ and the sociology of Forums like this.

It is as it is.

… and don’t understand, what COULD be and why. That’s what I’m saying.

We’ll take that for what it’s worth.


We know very well what COULD be. And why. As well as why not. But thanks for showing up to inform us.

You know nothing of what sthng is worth, John Snow, called Powbam

Let it go.

Wise words. The next time you see Medea post to someone. Let it go.

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You know what you are being told. As I said, let it go.

Actually I’m the one who gets to say that; both of you let it go.

As said, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but Crate have made it clear that for the foreseeable future their focus is on their other games. I, for one, am intrigued to see what they come up with. We know a little about Farthest Frontier, their town builder, now and that Zantai is working on a small standalone GD related game. But what Grava is working on and what they plan to use the Unreal game engine for are total mysteries atm. Can’t wait to hear more about those!

And yes, I’d love to see a GD2 come along at some point in the not too distant future, but as Zantai said a while back even if they were working on it we wouldn’t hear about it until it was well into development. Sadly, and to my mind it’s unfortunate, that we don’t be seeing something similar to the Grim Misadventures for these games as I think that’s been a big selling point for GD over the years.

Players have been asking for years for another expansion or GD2 so Crate are well aware of what the player base hopes for. But they need to also make sure the company stays viable otherwise there’ll be no more games from them at all.

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I agree, so am I. The overall attitude of the company towards making games is the one I totally endorse.

Yes. I know. That’s why I asked the cost back then, remember? But let’s leave it at that, I don’t want this to boil over.

yo im going to college to me a game deveopler i start on the 28th of this month. that being said once im done with college or 2 3rds of the way done im gonna try my hand at a grim dawn remastered and expanded project mod im gonna pour over the devs grim misadventure posts all of them to better understand there design style and try my hand at a mod that updates grim dawn to the devs standards with new mi’s classes and things to do i will update the map too to add more areas and i will add a feature like shattered realms that lets you go to many other planes of existance. hope everyone likes it it will be a big project. in the mod I will have lots of items taken from other mods too its gonna be awesome.

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They teach GD modding in colleges now? Don’t mind if I do!

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