Forager priority

It would be awesome if we could set forager priorities so that they stop foraging what we don’t need and avoid building two of them to cover the same area and ensure that what we need is actually gathered.

Did you check whatever it is you want prioritised? IIrc I saw that you could now prioritise gathering willow for example.

I can’t check anything other than turn production on & off in the forager shack. In the work area there is willow, herbs, roots and blueberries but often the forager just don’t gather willow fast enough because he prioritise all the other things over it. The only workaround is to constantly move work area to include only what I want but this is a really tedious task that I often forget…

Not talking about the shack, I’m talking about the stuff that foragers can gather. Have a look at willow for example and I think you’ll find you can prioritise it for collection.

Completely forgot about that! Thank you, I’ll give it a try and see what happens!

Unfortunately it can not be done with all products, I can not prioritize that it gathers roots, or nuts =(
Forager prefer to gather vegetables instead of those

Yeah it can not be done with all things (ex herbs and roots) and more on even prioritizing willow, forager will gather herbs first…

I build over the unwanted veggies then demolish the unneeded building.

Veggies disappear, and the proper goodies get collected.

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Thanks for this info. Helps a lot.

Yeah, but that’s not ideal, lol

Building costs are completely refunded, and the unwanted/fast rotting greens are no longer an issue.

Until the ability to prioritize or transplant all forageable plants exists, the only alternative is to deal with greens, and the extra Shelter Stocking duties and subsequent lowered production rates that fast-rotting goods create.

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