Foragers (Selective) Harvest

It would be so useful to be able to expand and shrink the work area for foragers and hunters.
Also it would be extremely helpful to have check boxes on the forager building for priority of harvest. like i want herbs for than anything else so you can maybe have a percentage slider of what i want harvested. This will allow me to place a forager building next to my soap maker and make him only harvest herbs so the soap maker can have able supply of herbs without going all the way to storage for them.
EXAMPLE - this way i know 70% of the years harvest will be herbs if there are enough herbs in the foragers range.
Herbs 70%
Greens 20%
Roots 5%
Berries 5%

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I thought the same, there is already logic in place when you are telling blacksmith what to produce.
So when you place Forager hat, it will list all available resources and you may just select what to collect and in which ratio.
Would be super nice.
This way you may focus on the food early game or whenever you need to burst food production and then avoid some resource it in later game when you don’t need them.

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