forgetten gods hopes???

Here is the list of what I hope from the new expension the forgotten gods:
-new weapons.
-New type of weapon like a bow.
-new classes.
-another world than those before full of etheir etc …
-dugeon that require team online.
-mod of cosmetic for the skill / aura of the weapon etc … like skin for the skill.

  • teleportation skill.
    -skill who enchants the weapon with an element or something like.

AND plz if some one hope something new post it i really want to know what do u want in the new expension :smiley:

1 - It’s a given

2 - No new weapon types because it requres the devs to make new templates

3 - Oathkeeper was revealed

4 - Given that FG seems to be centered around the witch gods, doubt it will have much aether in it

5 - Not gonna happen in a single player focused game

6 - Way too much work for something that in my opinion is pretty pointless

7 - Movement skills were revealed and there seems to be a teleport skill

8 - There are in the game already. Example being Flame Touched aura.

there definitely will be some

-New type of weapon like a bow

definitely not, we already know that (no new animation sets)

-new classes

one is all but confirmed by now

-another world than those before full of etheir etc …

the expansion has an Eldritch focus, so definitely not Aether or Chthonian, not sure about a different world / plane

-dugeon that require team online.

good god, hell no. Fortunately highly unlikely

-mod of cosmetic for the skill / aura of the weapon etc … like skin for the skill

sounds more like something for mods

  • teleportation skill

already confirmed

-skill who enchants the weapon with an element or something like.

no idea, will have to see what the new mastery offers. Sounds like something the Arcanist already does though

nah its doesnt enchant the weapon and we cant see the enchantment on the weapons.the cosmetic for skill /waypoint portal etc… its very cooool if they mad some thing like that

Yes you can see the enchants(auras) on the weapon(s) you hold. Goes for Flame Touched, Iskandra’s Exchange, and Solael’s Witchfire at the very least.

DW Iskandra’s is one of my favorite looking specs for just that reason…

I still don’t get why people think a single player game is a multiplayer game. Like you’re trying to call a tomato a potato.

I totaly TOTALY agree with you. These kind of games are amazing to play with friends.
I have so much fun with this game when playng with friends, its blody amazing and i think this is the reason why its my favorite ARPG.
Playing with friends sometimes makes things easier or harder, this is the reason why i wanted to be a bit moreharder on ultimate
Multiplayer ftw

day by day Im losing hope that this expansion will be a good one. :undecided:

This brings drama to a new level

I don’t think so, but even though I’ll agree with you just to fuck with others. I believe this expansion will be a fail. SURELY everyone will BELIEVE I am serious.

Honestly, the only thing that to me looks good in the expansion is the game mode and new locations. I fully and solidly (and totally) dislike the medal augments because it feels like they’re adding stuff by force only to fill up a hole. Yeah I can say new items and masteries are interesting too, but everyone knows and loves that.

I don’t think that is what he said, at all…

I don’t think so too. :slight_smile:

snap out of it man, for your sake you should stop visiting the form and stop playing games. You are obsessed, sounds like you need an intervention

user_name grim dawn is a single and multiplayer idiot.

Weird, because Crate said it’s a single player focused game. And thanks for insulting me.

both because as u have been seen before u can play with frnd or in server and that mean=multiplayer

I’m not gonna respond to you anymore, because you simply don’t get it that multiplayer is just an addition for people who would like to play with friends and this is what Crate even said.

ok. . . . . . . . . . . . . … .

Round and around we go…

OP: you forgot dual shields :smiley:

GIMME GIMME! I’d be in heaven, honestly. Imagine making a tank with two shields that is practically unharmed by anything. Two chances to block. Even 56% physical resist by two wea… shields only. Holy holy holy. I would be in heaven.