Forgotten Gods vs Ashes of Malmouth vs Grim Dawn Comparison

So Forgotten Gods is coming posthaste, and you may find yourself wondering just how good of a deal it will be?

Well wonder no more! Forgotten Gods is another massive addition to your Grim Dawn experience and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.

To learn more about what’s coming in the expansion, stop by the Game Guide!


This is awesome and all but what’s the eta? A month? 2 months? 2 weeks?

69 MI’s. I like that one.

Looks great - can’t wait!

Exactly the same as it always is… When It’s Ready… :D:D

This is making me so hyped! It has got to be coming out soon :slight_smile:

you forgot the price? :smiley:

seriously release it on Feb 25, Grim Dawn’s birthday if you can and we all good! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, Zantai released a similar thread for AoM on 22nd September 2017, and then AoM released two and a half weeks later on 11th October.

So, 2.5 weeks until Forgotten Gods release? :smiley:

Slight difference here as Zantai has already said that they are still working on the final boss so don’t get too hopeful…yet :wink:

I was really hopeful for an early release , but then I remembered this.

If loggy’s tentacles took all of Crate’s resources and time, then certainly this boss could do the same if it has a close or similar breed and genetic makeup.

so it may be going to be March 31 then! :frowning:

Pffft, a minor detail! :stuck_out_tongue:

to be honest I’d rather have them moved the days a bit just to get a major visual goodness in the final boss and them giving it some sick animations ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’ll cheer the team up. The final boss is a minor detail. Nice to know! :smiley:

Basically, wait till they fucking finish and shut the fuck up, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I do that, at least, because the more I am hyped the more I want to kill… a bee (well let’s be polite here, let’s not talk about shortening your life span… looks at the first line of his message, I mean… okay…). I hate waiting for stuff I want, mostly I hate waiting for food, but in this case I can apply it too.

The final boss would like a word with you… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit, or will do when finished.

final boss aside, maybe we are looking at the hardest nemesis yet?

This time around all of their talent is poured into just creating one!

The final boss of FG is a Bee omg

hmm :confused: zantai havent you said that there are over 200+ uniques ^^? orwith new lvl 94 versions of old ones ?

Got to keep that morale up somehow! :smiley:

He can have a word but once it’s dead it’ll be a…

puts on sunglasses :cool:

Forgotten god.


I’m looking at the numbers and some of them don’t add up… namely item sets - from previous streams we can clearly see 12 legendary sets and on one stream Zantai walks near new epic items where you can clearly see 6 epic sets. Basic first grade math 12 + 6 = 18 which means one set is missing from the total number.

Zantai, why did you lose one set? :confused:

And yeah, I checked the stream to be sure