Forgotten Gods vs Ashes of Malmouth vs Grim Dawn Comparison

We don’t count lower level versions for the purposes of this chart.

No need to artificially bloat numbers when they’re already high. :smiley:

Just…one…question - February or March? :stuck_out_tongue:



Sorry, my mistake, counted Baldir twice :o

seems age has caught up with me

Numbers are never high enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Twenteenth of Farch. You heard it here first.

hype, cant wait to actually get my hands on that juicy new content. my gut is telling me itll be on a 18th :wink:

Moar lore! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, different matter, but still…

Looking at this post I assume Zantai must be female.

Nearly every time I ask my wife a question with “or”, she answers “Yes” (or “No”). Asking my (female) pupils if this is normal they answer: “It´s a female thing…”.

My wife explained to me that, if she answers “Yes” to an “Or”-Question it is always the 1st thing I asked. So, in this case: February is realease month.

Back to topic. :rolleyes:

You assume wrong. See photos in this thread.

It’s just the usual Zantai tease, even though it’s also true. :smiley:

It’s also not gender specific. My husband does exactly the same to me when I ask him a “or” question.

Well it may be a long shot but I’d assume that Zentai is a Dev and he understands boolean logic, where the answer is true when one of components with “or” is true.

But, on the other hand, he may simply be female.

…He’s quite the rage one could say…

But what about music?

Will this be the last expansion of GD?

Most likely yes. Unless it sells amazingly well Zantai has said it’s probably the last big content push for the game. They may continue to add smaller content stuff like new items, etc, but another expansion looks unlikely atm.



New engine, Dx12, 4k/8K.
May not happen but it be glorious

Just depends if/when the devs decide to make it and what the tech is like at the time.

Release the Kra…Korvaak - it is time! Oh god here goes my paid leave…

Kra’vall… yeah, we get it,

We player just needs to make enough pressure for another expansion. :smiley: Then one more will come more certain. :smiley: Anyway, we need even more stuff for GD. :smiley:

Shattered Realms sounds like an infinite and random dungeon. Is that correct?