Free Choice At Questing Must Be Esential In Grim Dawn

I have been playing hard during 3 weeks to this beauty game, and i feel there is an esential premise that decide´s the high value of this recommendable tittle. And it is the capacity of choice what want you to do in each quest, dialogue, skill point, crafting, and those.

And for this, in my humble opinion, i feel that 1 thing it is badlydone actually:
when you are in cooperative game, with 2+ player, and one of them player talk with a Npc to tell, request, or take a desition in a quest, that quest, and his request, and the way in that, the desition of this player, affect to the choice of the rest of players. It´s feel unfair. I mean, when another player that is not you, request a quest for you, when you didn´t tell for that to the npc, or that player, complete the quest, in a way, or a choice, that you dind´t desire. This make you feel bad, cause, maybe you really dind´t wanted to take that choice (Example: with the 2 blacksmiths, in act 1, when you have to choise 1, but another player decide that for you).

For that, i think it´s would be better if each player had to request each quest by his own, and that never would be allow, to get a choice for another player, in this way… So, it shouldn´t be alow for any player that´s not you, to request a quest in your name.

So… I think this is a good thing to have on mind to the next changes in this beauty, and great game. Thanqs a lot for reading.

Pretty sure it’s an engine limitation, and that changing it would require a lot more work than it’s worth.

Maybe we should let that in hands of the Grim Dawn developers. :slight_smile:

The only dev feedback I found regarding this.

Think of it as a feature - this way you can explore quest branches, which go against your habits and which you would usually miss out on. :wink:

When you’re in a group and doing the bandit quests in path of exiles, the player(s) not interacting with the bandit get a dialogue box that asks whether or not they agree with the decision of the player interacting with the bandit. Perhaps there’s a way to encode something similar into the game. If all players agree with the choice, then the game proceeds, if one person does not, then the quest does not proceed.

Also if you side with Death’s Vigil as the host, anyone siding with Kymon’s Chosen can’t complete any of their quests.

Sure, I’m running around with the enemy, but we go way back. Bros before fanatical subfactions of humanity.