free uniques/epic items?

hi i have grim dawm in steam, im lvl 68 warden with primal strike, and i have a ugly weapon lvl 54

anyone can give me some items? at least a two handed weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

i hope soon i can buy the expansion, no idea what add to the game and i apreciate some tips:P


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Try these threads to see if you can trade with anyone.

As for what the Ashes of Malmouth expansion adds to the game, simply watch the video here:

Also a new rogue-like dungeon which wasn’t ready when the trailer was made, but has since been added.

There will be a second expansions called Forgotten Gods which will be released later this year. You will need to have AoM installed to play it. Details of what we know about it so far are here:

and keep an eye on the Development Updates which will continue to reveal more about it as we get nearer to release. Info is also sometimes given out during Crate’s live streams which take place on Fridays. They’re a bit irregular at the moment, but the devs announce when they’ll be streaming next in this thread:

You can watch the last stream from a couple of weeks ago here:

Full list of trade threads

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ty idk when but i hope i will buy the expansion soon