Fresh start - Looking for tips on Vire's Might focused farmer

So, I’m starting completely from scratch as my saves got lost. And I wanna make a fast farmer with Vire’s Might as the main skill as the first character (aiming for Vanquisher eventually).

Most of the so called “skaters” seem to be very old guides by now, but been looking at some options for Templar (although I’m not sure if that’s the best with no gear?):

Templar Vanquisher: [] The ATV - Aetherfire Templar Vanquisher

From some Chinese build collection I think:

Also looked at this Templar beginner guide: [] Beginner's Scorching Ray Templar - Which looks amazing, but I really really don’t like AAR.

I really just wanna zoom around with Vire’s and if I really need to drop a bomb (of sorts - like CT with Inferno maybe?) every once in a while on big targets. And if possible be able to farm Vanquisher eventually. And I’m on softcore.

So what is a good devotion setup for this when you don’t have gear (don’t mind farming what ever is target farmable though) - will any of the above work as is?

Is Templar even the right choice?

And, is it at all possible to farm Vanquisher with a character like this, or do I simply have to make a different character to farm the set first (again, don’t mind dying as I’m softcore)?


This guide by Udars is a tad old but worth looking over.

Regardless though, Vire’s Might can pretty easily take you far just by maxing out Volcanic Stride and Tectonic Shift ASAP and grabbing a Zarthuzellan Archive. You’re free to put more points into the base skill afterwards and grab Celestial Presence. Binding Vire’s Might to either Twin Fangs for consistent sustain or Aetherfire/Eldritch Fire for more damage are further options as well.

Beyond that the rest of your devotion tree will follow your standard Fire ones of Raise the Dead/Elemental Storm, Fissure, potentially Phoenix Fire if you can squeeze it in and inevitably Meteor Shower.

With some further skill development and smart gear selection and component use, you’ll get to 100 without any major issues.

I reckon you could assemble a reasonable Vire’s Might character from MIs and faction gear. Skybreaker Circlet and Zarthuzellen’s Codex are easily farmable, and combined give you -1s Vire’s Might recharge. Take the transmuter and go fire damage with a secondary class that gives elemental RR. My preference is for Demolitionist. You do lose 50% of the physical on Vire’s to lightning due to Skybreaker, but the cdr is worth it.

If you want to eventually create a Vanquisher Templar skater, then of course go Templar. The Vanquisher set is target farmable by even modestly powerful characters, so you won’t be without the core gear for too long.

@Evil_Baka - Thanks. I was actually looking at that guide and thought it was probably to old, but I’ll go through that then. I guess just not worry to much about optimal devotions for now. I just noticed in at least one guide there was mention of I think Imp, and it being worth it only when you have conversion.

@Equivariant - Thanks. The codex I was already planning on farming, didn’t know about Skybreaker - that looks great for this for sure. I’m not really insistent on being Templar, but Vanquisher skater something for sure looks fun for just farming. I don’t really mind leveling another character once I got some stuff anyways, so if Shieldbreaker is safer/easier with no gear I’ll consider that.

For now I’ll just start pure Oath. Did Crucible to 5 devos and up to Warden just now. Will see how far I can get tomorrow.