Friends and Family Alpha has begun!

Now I don’t want to get everyone too hyped as there’s still work to do before Early Access begins, but we’ve started the Friends and Family alpha!

Meanwhile my latest town’s neighbors…

And that’s the dens I could fit in one screen. I counted 17 in total! Let’s just say I’m staying away from that hill for a while…


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You lucky turd, my Hunter just sits in her shack all day doing private things while everyone starves

I didn’t realize we were on turd terms in our relationship.

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You know what they say, turd terms the charm

I guess Z has lost some hair recently :smirk:

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Friends and Family

people just be bragging, rubbing it in the noses of the friend- and familyless :unamused:

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How rude of crate… I really, really thought we are their family. I feel like we are now the black sheep in the family here, oh wait, that sounds cool “love em black sheeps”

I’m suprised noones been asking if anyone who’s already in the family’s looking to adopt :stuck_out_tongue:

How does one get adopted???




Hey, it’s me! Your long lost brother! :slight_smile:

i’d love to try out the FF “alpha”(wolf)
but i’ll have to admit, i’d probably be a horrible playtester :sweat_smile: , i suck at paying attention to “stuff”, and any feedback would probably divert more resources to read than it’d benefit the actual game dev :joy:

will look forward to it hitting early access/Steam tho and hope this Alpha run goes well :+1:

how do I partizipate then?

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Is it too late to participate? This game looks really good!

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Yeah how does one participate? Would be awesome. This game looks great!

Is there any way to participate in the alpha version before the game is released ?

That’s a lot of wolfs! Time to start singing bayu bayushki bayu! Looking forward to more peaks as time goes on! Just wishlishted/followed on steam!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you see the trailer that was released yesterday?


i liked the music you used so mellow. :slight_smile: