From survival game to war game


In my opinion, it would be great if we can make a war with computer or another player in late game when we have a strong army. Instead of just defending, we can invade to get resources. Adding wagon, knight, …

Moreover, adding political element into game. For example, if you do not make your people happy, they will rebel or you need guards to prevent thief.

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Yeah! that’s exactly what we want! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The ultimate purpose of farming is for Warrrrrr!

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There are plenty of war games. Why would you want to turn a survival game into a war game?
Play on a war game and you will find your happiness there.


Farthest Frontier isn’t meant to be an RTS game though. Whether Crate will add some more stuff on the military side we’ll have to wait and see.


Because this game has a great potential. Moreover, looking how good the company did for Grim Dawn, I am looking forward into this game.

It is not rts game but it is kind of strategy game. There are a lot of city building game that we can do a raid although most of them are trash. Why we dont hope this game has that function?

I also think it would be great if they add some stuff of Grim Dawn. For example, now we dont play as adventure, we send adventures to kill boss.

The reason why I think the game should have political element is at the beginning, your people have to help each other to survival. However, when your empire grows larger, there are more internal problem. Moreover, you should consider every times you accept the immigration. Maybe they are bad people or spies from other empire.

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It would be better if the game had a mode where you could have the strife you seem to crave (and I can dig that; I play more warlike games, too) and a mode where others, like me, could avoid that and just have the survival aspect. That’s difficult enough!

Yeah, but still it got war system right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Maybe make it be completed can lead the game to be more exciting when farming

Since I am confident that I can make a simulation business game, I also believe that I can make an RTS game

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