Full Resists, still shotgunning?

Note: I apparently didn’t understand what “shotgun” meant in this game. I meant to say “bursted”.

Hey all, I’ve been trying a few rogue brews. Most have worked out really well and are a ton of fun, but this one is giving me some issues. Here’s the link:
I’ve had this idea for a while. It’s based on a mixture of magelord and diviner gear to turn all of the inquisitor’s elemental damage into Aether damage and then stack aether through necromancer. There’s some vitality on the gear as well, so I turned it into a lifesteal subtheme, which fits well with the necro. I didn’t go very far with it, though.

So there’s an issue. I tried a bit of gladiator but stopped after the first few encounters. My health is EVERYWHERE when things get to me. Based on the link above, is there anything I can do to make this guy less likely to get destroyed without sacrificing the core concept? Note that neither Inquisitor’s Seal nor Word of Renewal dropped off of me during the shotgun moments.

As an aside: I’d still really like it if Inquisitor’s Seal automatically dropped at your feet instead of having to manually aim it. It’s such a hassle since your guns start shooting short while you hover nearer to your character.

Wait, who were you getting shotgunned by? Your health is on the squishy side without your buffs up, were your buffs going down?

I was getting hit hard by a few hero mobs. No purple enemies were on screen at the time. I didn’t get a good look at what their damage types were. No buffs fell off me during the encounter.

First off “shotgunning” doesn’t mean to take lots of damage, it means an attack with lots of projectiles hits you many times instantly. Only a few enemies are capable of this and all can be avoided with a modicum of skill.

As for what is doing high damage spikes, my guess is crits from low DA and/or physical damage from low armor. Try getting another 200ish DA and see if that fixes the problem.

Can you remember which wave(s)?

That’s what was confusing me, I can’t think of many enemies in Cruc who shotgun beyond Zant and like a handful of others tops.

EDIT: Zantarin, Haunted Nobles (sort of, that pblades thing they do)… um, can’t really think of any others.

I’ll see what I can manage. There are a few devotions I took because I felt I had to, but this build’s damage is so high, I can probably sacrifice a few for more DA.

Edit: This was literally wave 9. These were not meant to be hard enemies.

Then this was me misunderstanding the semantics. What I meant was that I was getting bursted down. I’ll see if I cant change the topic name.

Edit: Can’t change the topic name. People will have to deal as making a whole new topic seems unnecessary.

It’s fine, it’s usually called spike damage like Silben said. Idiomatic stuff isn’t always as obvious as one would like.

EDIT: Come to think of it this is probably the first game I’ve seen the “shotgunning” term used in that fashion.

You also need to get most of your resists up. Just realized you have like 50 ele resists the second you abandon your seal. Also later wave resist debuffers like Sharzul will rip your face off with those low resists.

I’m not entirely sure that’s manageable without abandoning the basic concept of the build or destroying its damage. This build may just not be viable.

Edit: And of course no sooner do I say that than I find an answer. Swapping the pants to “Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings” puts fire resist at ~70 and the other elemental resists capped without the seal.

Could possibly be done with a regearing, not sure. Never tried an Apostate before, not familiar with gear options for it. I would tinker in Grimtools for a bit before calling it not viable.

EDIT: Swap out the Antivenom Salves for Ugdenbog Leathers, for a start. Helps resists and DA.

Between this, the pants change, and a bit of retooling the skill trees, this guy looks a lot more prepared. (2600 DA!)
That said, it’s 2AM here, so I’m going to test it tomorrow. You all have been an amazing help, thank you!

Edit: Wow, I’m more tired than I thought. Linked the wrong guy. <.<

Hmm… necromancer without mark of torment?

No Torment and no Decay. On top of no auto-attack skill even though he has 110% worth of WPS chances.

And you think you can be safe just by capping your resists?
Arrogant fool! (it isnt an insult)
A huge number of enemies will reduce your resists (so you will take double/triple damage), you must OVERCAP them all heavily to survive! No, not just elemental, but all others as well (maybe, except bleed).
Look at my Gladiator farmer:
And feel the difference.

Low DA, low armor, little dmg absorb, no circuit breaker, no crowd control skill, kill speed ultra slow, even with challenger difficulty 100-150 still hard for you.

DA and armour dont matter so much, though, except against Iron Maiden. DA works rather as " i will avoid oneshot, that has ~3% chance to happen with some bad mods" - not really great.
Crowd Control also doesnt matter, bosses are immune to it.
dmg absorb is a nice bonus, but you can be fine without it.

I said it many times before, and i will say it again - resists DO MATTER in Crucible. You know why Challenger is so much easier than Gladiator? Not just because enemies have a bit weaker stats, but also because you get free +25% to ALL your resistances (thus you dont have so heavily overcap them)!
Overcapped resistances, capped CC resistances and high physical resistance will bring your survivability in Crucible to an absolutely new level! You can have 27k HP, and still be killed in 1 second, while with 18k HP and overcapped resists, you will easily survive that damage!

Also, less than 2.6k OA on non-tanky build in OP - it’s not even funny. And your DPS is lower than tanks’!
I will be honest, BoxingBiochemist, your build is pure CRAP, i wouldnt try even Challenger difficulty with that! It’s just an example of completely wrong build!

DA really matter if you farm Cru and some mutator debuff reduces your DA by 100 or -25% hp, or mobs +% OA, so 2k6 with banner -> 2.8k + is a must if you want to farm Cru frequently, 2k9 or 3k is much solid.
CC also works on heroes and mini bosses which is helpful when your char is squishy and surrounded by mobs, for example wave 148, plenty of trash mobs/heroes and ske golems trap you.
For resis most builds only can overcap elementals or piercing, also ~20 physic resistance unless you play a very tanky build, and overall when you resistances are capped at 80, OA DA and DMG is much more better, tell me why most builds in forums always use Surivial Ingenuity, so 80 is as good as you can do healing, life leech or shield absorb.

Okay, so this post has gone some interesting places overnight. Let’s start at the top.

Torment’s a great idea! I’ll see if I can fit that in. That’ll help against some of the more powerful bosses. As for no auto-attack skill, with 100+% WPS, why would I use one? It would never actually happen. Every attack is a WPS.

I’m cool with this build not being gladiator worthy. It’s not tier 1 and it never will be. I’ll settle with challenger, so let’s get it there. This isn’t a jajaja or C’thon build, after all. I think what you’re trying to say is that its resistances aren’t up to snuff and that I overtooled the DA so my OA suffered. Now as for the DPS, how do we fix the problem? I came here saying my build isn’t working. Telling me it isn’t working isn’t a very helpful answer.

Skills like Savagery, Fire Strike, Beronath’s Fury etc. let you get the benefits of the skill in question AND the WPS, though. There must be something you can add in there to get that. (Cadence is weird, first two hits will trigger WPS but third does not)

Having a default attack replacer of some sort is a net gain and no loss.