Fun build concepts

Hi everyone, I am usually just a forum stalker reading rarely replying, but blabbing in discord constantly, and I know we all have some awesome people who make some awesome builds that can do a lot. I am not one of those people, instead, sometimes i like to make a build off a concept even if its a bad one. It has been suggested I share these multiple times, but I was hesitant, as these are untested, and were concepts only.

If you play these, please let me know how they do, I would love to hear both good and bad. If anyone wants to improve these builds and do their own thing, by all means, have at it, and please share your version as well. it may inspire me to go for another concept!

Also I would like to say, this is totally a seperate thing from ADoomGods awesome post he is trying to do. If you are making a build that is tested and using an item that is considered Sub Par by the community, please please share them over there as well! This would only help more builds and concepts!

Link to his post here!

TLDR: Here are some concept builds I thought of with help from awesome ppl in discord and wanted to share!


Build 1
Concept was making a DK using leviathan, now I believe its probably not the most original idea, but with patch it made me want to try it out. Snowmanplayer123 helped give me ideas with this one, I know there are some more improvements to this one.

Build 2
This build was one that came from talking to Maya in discord about reaper pet builds and about the winter king set. Maya has helped with suggestions on this. The discussion turned into this hybrid disaster, still with the buffs to skellies, it should be very fun I think.

Build 3
This build was an oppresor DW build with blightlord that I wanted to try. This had some input from Maska in Discord as well. Also, I love its DW with fire RE lol.

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Oooooo baby! I have THREE builds. Not one, not two, but whole three. Funny thing is is that all three builds are Fire Strike Defiler using Dreadscorcher. One version was made by me and it didn’t go well. Other versions are made by omegam0 and BlueOyster! They should be able to do ultimate campaign and maybe even roguelikes. Nemesis hunting… who knows. Just… just play aether fire strike man! Or should I say… aether strike? :scorv:

Defiler by omegamO

Defiler by Maska322

Defiler by BlueOyster

to be honest, defiler needs more items for aether fire strike

lmao fun in 2019
here are my memes (both of which arent fully finished in terms of augments)

my beloved cold purifier -
DW BK Cabalist that i still regret doing , would have been infinitely better as a Ritualist with vitality savagery instead -

of course , i have many other memes in the works , but they take time to level

[] [HC] Blightlord Oppressor - fire Ravenous Earth [vids] :smiley:

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omg thats awesome!!! lol im glad that I was not the only one who wanted to see this!!! and it looks like its actually fairly successful eh? that is a perfect example of fun and viable. Thanks for showing this!!!

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yup, I also had such build theorycrafted and lined up :slight_smile:

Here is another build for display: Dual Wield Melee Fire Purifier :open_mouth:

I actually have a purifier that I almost got to 100, so now im torn between trying this and snows cold version!!! both look so fun to me!

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I had a fun build concept. It was a spellbreaker using the eastern pledge set that was basically a dual wielding auto attacker that also cast TSS w/ whirlpool but your auras also drop TSS constantly. Approach a mob, drop TSS on them, SS (to proc elemental storm) in, Ring of steel, then weapon attack for 2 seconds and if anything is still alive, run and try again. I have AoM expansion now so once I get the level 100 eastern pledge set I will try again which has some physical resist as well. There is a new MI dagger that i will try and maybe some other good stuff so maybe I can make something decent. It was so squishy with level 58 caster armor armor values and low health

This is Cold Savagery Druid, with some Trozan Sky Shards as air support

one can use a good rolled Moosie shoulder too, and some nice MI legs with like “of Fallen skies” suffix

Glad you like it! :smile:
It’s certainly “fairly successful” imo.

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This is another “non-meta” build by Rektby

also check out basically any build by Belzzzz:

Cold 2H blade arc [] The Big Cool: 6:40 Crucible, Meme-Powered no greens Cold Blade Arc Blademaster [c+][sr][vid][g3]

Retaliation Dual Wield builds (no lazy tankking)

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I made a cadence leviathan DK back in patch Used 3x warborn set instead of BK though. You can check my google docs for that build (should be accessible through some of my YouTube videos). It was fairly powerful aswell, I used it mainly to farm Lokarr set and kuba and reaper pants on HC.
Since the recent change to Leviathan it should be even stronger.

I did something similar to kill Ravager for the first time(s) xD (put was in 1.0.6 if i remember correctly)

I figured someone had to have done something with Leviathan before, but this new patch really had me checking it out more. I also would love to go find a bunch of older builds and see how they perform updated in current patch/expansions content. some of the older builds looked to be really fun and neat.

Here is another fun little build I came up with for Bloody Pox.

was also nice to throw soullance on something cuz I really like the weapon for some reason lol