Further observations from continued play

The more I play this game the more I want to play. It’s fantastic. Here are some notes I made while playing.

It would be really handy to be able to build bridges, even expensive ones.

The left and right arrows at the top of building detail dialogs let me cycle through existing instances of the building, which is great, but the dialog can resize, moving the arrows up and out from under the cursor if the storage line continues to a second line as you click from one to the next. Having to recognize this happened and move the cursor to click again to the next building is a bit frustrating.

I’d like to see the “Months of food in storage” number both assuming the current, static population and assuming that the same rate of increase in population over the last 12 months continues. Or even a configurable rate. It’s showing one or the other right now, my guess is the simpler one. I want one that incorporates growth, though this might be asking the game to do too much of my thinking for me…

The relics system is awesome. I’d like the ability to use more than 2 relics, even at substantial cost, so perhaps a second kind of hosting site like an abbey or monastery could host a 3rd relic, even if it had no desirability effects on the surroundings. Hosting a relic is plenty reason to build even expensive buildings.

I was surprised after building it that I could build only one temple. It seems a pretty artificial limitation - I guess this is to prevent relic overuse? Perhaps that could be addressed by n ‘temples’ and up to one ‘grand temple’ - and only the latter hosts relics?

The auto-upgrade criteria for housing is stocking 2+ or 3+ different foods, which is fine, but even when I have several foods in abundance in storage the occupants do not do a good job (imho) of stocking their shelters with various different foods, which can delay housing upgrades for quite a while whilst they get their acts together. I’m actually surprised at how few houses are “fully stocked” - how do I increase this?

Foragers will ignore important medicinal roots in lieu of nearby unimportant, overstocked willow branches. If I could adjust the work area’s radius, I could force attention on important things. That plus, I don’t know, a stack of prioritized work areas? would help. I dunno, foragers are tricky.


You can use a third relic in an upgraded temple iirc.

As for bridges …

Villagers don’t stock their houses, or they shouldn’t be doing so, your marketeers do that. If housing isn’t covered by a market then the villagers will have to do it though that will take them away from whatever jobs they’re doing part of the time.

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Thanks! Temple upgrade in progress. Of course, I’d like to host a 4th relic too…

Looks like I wasn’t assigning more than the default 1 villager to the markets, making them quite inefficient. Fixed. Goods distribution is better, and I think everyone is more efficient now. Thank you!

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