Future Classes

Hello Z.

How planned future to add new classes : Bow , and Сannon and Aether ?

There are only 9 pieces in the game.

U, are you possibly adding a new class?

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Already told you in the discord Leo, that there’ll be no new masteries because there’ll be no more expansions for the game.


Maybe he sleeps better thinking there might be new classes one day… and HD remake :rofl:
I propose letting Leopold be and not crushing his dreams.
After all, he’s got 100% achievements and is a big fan of the game.
You just can’t be mad at Leopold.

Yes, need remake HD . But Im played 12hr every day.

You want more masteries then play Grimarillion or Dawn of Masteries mods. A whole load more masteries in those to play with. :slightly_smiling_face:

No no, that’s is future or later.

No, that is not future. Zantai has said no new masteries without another expansion and Crate aren’t making any more expansions for the game.


It turns out classes (or dissmiss), goes to the funeral? But, I thought it.

I just thought that the development will be with new classes …

Well, a separate DLC addition, which will have to pay for a new class of the game.

This is not a mod, but just a new class which is a whole new level.

Zantai said at one point that bows just didn’t fit thematically. I can see that. They made crossbows instead.

Another new class doesn’t make sense at this late stage of the game. It’s not just about the class itself and the work involved with new skills (visuals) and balancing it against all the other classes but also the fact that they’d have to introduce/modify a lot of items to work with the new class.

Here is a good idea, crossbows.

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No, balancing new masteries is more and more of a nightmare every time you add one so no way will Crate be doing that. No new masteries without an expansion and no more expansions for the game; that’s not changing Leo. They may add new masteries if they decide to make a GD2 at some point in the future, but nothing’s going to happen on that front for this game. If you want more masteries then play one of the mods that are out there.

there are already crossbows in the game.

Some think the situation will change.

Maybe striving for the best?

I think it’s time to throw it away about a bad life, because no one needs it, but you just need to make the right conclusion.

Because, you need to make people interesting, you will understand.
If you don’t, then there’s nothing good “before the game.”

Yes, desire may disappear.

Not, this is Weapon , doesnt using for classes.

But, need new classes for support for about using crossbows, need classes “Bow”.

I’m actually against having DLC that is mastery only. My feeling it is something that should come packaged with a true expansion and I rather think Crate has the same philosophy on the matter. I don’t much care for nickel and dime DLC - make it worth everyone’s time instead.

Also, making masteries is a very involved process because they can’t just make a mastery and be done. It also involves creating gear to support the mastery as well as modifying existing gear, adding/changing Devotions, and factoring in how to create synergy with the new mastery among the existing masteries as well. Plus it would then also need to be extensively tested and balanced.

Every time a new mastery gets made the amount of work to create additional masteries increases.

I think you are absolutely right.

But some situations will improve in the future, you simply won’t meet such people in the Compendium, and you won’t even meet the profession class.

Because they lost the profession of the class.

Plus it would fracture the community since we’d be in the same situation in multiplayer as we get with people who have the expansions wanting to play with people who don’t. A paid DLC like that would mean people who had it would have trouble with playing with people who didn’t.

Thats’ is not problem. The DLC other “Premuim buying DLC” - that’s is investisment or support in the Grim Dawn paid.

there’s zero reason to make a mastery that supports a certain type of weaponry (which is already counted into “ranged”).
there’s also zero reason to produce entities just because you want them to be.
I also want many things to be true but they’ll never happen; it’s just life where no one should fulfill one’s desires only because one wants it.
so, think about it.
@medea_fleecestealer and Zantai probably too have already explained everything pretty clear so there’s no reason to continue this thread.

You are wrong.
Just disappeared class “Bow”, because the crossbow should be part of the.
And, sadly, almost no one plays in this build, I don’t understand why they added the crossbow?
Because, a class must exist for him.

Each profession must have its own weapon.
And, crossbows actually lost the class of professions.