Future Maps

Please tell me, I see the meaning of the continuation, or either create a new map under the DLC - there will be some additional type after Malmouth, and then there will be some 5-7 new karts, that is, Malmouth, and then further Shark with a pirate, and then another Sanctuary of Bosses and many others.

Thats is not a mod, a from officaly DLC in the Grim Dawn.

Malmouth finish , to next Caribean of Sea , this is there Shark Pirates

and after Seraphim of Holy.


There will be no more DLCs from Grim Dawn. Next patch is most likely the last major one.

The maps just need paid from new DLC, no free. Because Devs to gives have idea and develop to make officaly from Steam/GoG .

DLC specially announce to new map/item/boss/more. -that’s working from Dev’s hand and designer and coding from it, because that’s is not a free, thats’ paid.
Example : DLC 40$+ from one maps - good idea from it.

Perhaps you did not understand, no more DLCs means no more DLCs

Dude, don’t bother with him. He speaks gibberish even in Russian, so I think he’s just trollin’. He wast told no more DLC countless times anyway.


See example from DLC , that’s big many DLC, because . You dont understand who about DLC from paid.

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Many DLC bad.


I’m all for it! Imagine fighting Pirate Sharks looking like this

Matches Grim Dawn’s theme.


WoW nice image, future Shark in the Grim Dawn NPC and more.


That’s Archangel Scorv Quest (Grim Dawn Town’s ) with cleared Malmouth and Shark’s Aether’s.

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We already have wings added by modders

Perhaps :crate: could make a DLC around it. But I prefer this female to Scorv as the main protagonist.

With the DLC Carribean of the Pirate Shark we would get a new Pirate mastery:

and with the next DLC The Invasion of Scorv Archangel over Cairn
we would get a mastery requested many times by players - Priest:

Priest mastery could finally satisfy all the support builds fetishists out there.


too much vodka?

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Maybe =) But I bet it’s too much google-translate back and forth =)

there will be no more DLCs, regardless of cost / free.

With 3+ other games in the making I think Crate has enough to do to keep them busy.

Maybe this will create a window for Crate to add a bit more to GD…

Flying Dutchman is basically an aether pirate ship

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I think the devs have clearly stated that there will be no new dlc. I don’t know why people keep bashing their heads on a wall, asking for the same thing over and over again.

Missed the opportunity to make a Duchy joke.


I’ve read it as Flying Duchyman and have nightmares about it :sweat_smile:


The only builds that can take on that ship are spin2winners and OFF builds :sweat_smile:


In my language Duchy = Ghosts so I immediately thought of Duchy haunting that ship.

patch when


And now he is the ghost of this forum