Fx in skill

Suggestion I got was there may be something going on under the hood with that skill since it’s a channeled skill and technically has 3 animations: a start, middle and end. As a result, it might be hard-wired to use the channeled ability animations in the ANM controller. You could try swapping out those animations with your own custom, or just some existing animations to test it out. Of course, that would make all channeled abilities be main-hand/gun-based, but maybe that’s ok for your mod?

almost work

i copied callbackpoints to my anim but not help, flames starts on the ground

I apologize for the another question again, but nobody besides you can help me i want to create power fist weapon: image
But i need on both hands and look what happens with 2nd hand image
any solution to rotate it in item parameters? now i create 2 same items but one of them mirrored in max, i know i can change not correct hand with illusionist, but it obviosly not for all people, and when someone find fist for L hand and take it on Right hand, it will be like this image
so may be exists way to eqiup only on L hand or R? and please i m very sorry for my bad english

What if you make the “offhand” powerfist an actual offhand item like a shield or focus?

You’ll want to use the alternateMesh field

This is what we had to do to make the dual wield shields possible.

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So thats what that’s for

wow, thank you !)) very useful

ops, my fault, image
Now all is okay, thank you Allminoxy

another question , how i can work online with my friend with same project in AM?

Important question, any possibility to add a new types of weapon? i need to use animations for another weapon, spear and stuff from TQ i have use allready for different weapons, i need more)) image

This is not possible without updating the game’s code.

Using the AM as a project would require a server hosting it. I do not know the specifics of setting that up, or if the user-end AM can even do that.

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hi, i need solutions for 2 problems

  1. There is one particular thing that I want to implement into my mod and that is the combination of a heavy ranged weapon and a special bullet pack (goes in a separate inventory slot) that are meant to be used together. As far as the vanilla game goes, there is no way to force the player to use both items at the same time, nor a way to restrict the usage of an item with another one (in this case, using a light gun and the bullet pack, that don’t go together). Is there any way to check the specific inventory slot and allow/ not a allow a PC to use two items without one another?

  2. As said above, the pack and heavy weapons are meant to be used together, but they occupy different inventory slots. The idea is that I want to somehow add an ammo tape, that connects BOTH the gun and the pack mesh-wise, so they don’t dissconnect while performing other animations like running, attacking e.t.c. Is there any way to implement this in the model itself or using attach points in the AM?

actualy i found solution of 2nd problem, i put ammo tape on Spine01+Rhand

No, item-based item restrictions do not exist, I’m afraid.

Would probably want to come up with some sort of perk, whereas the backpack boosts weapons of type X somehow.

What you think about license, should i afraid to GW ask to close my mod developing? or if it free and only a mod, its okay?

It depends on if a lawyer has an itchy asshole the day they notice your work.

As long as they are free/mods, most of the time things like this are fine.

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Help please)
I am trying to create an animation of a capsule from which a dreadnought comes out. tied to a spawn aif animation with such information: CreateEntity
frame = 1
entity = “Records\FX\meshfx\Droppod_meshfx.dbr”


but after the appearance of the Mesh, he does not want to disappear and it attaching to pet.

hi, how i can add dismemberment ? i think may be it can be like skeleton after death? to flying some parts , but i not find that parameter

Hey Emrakul,

You have a couple of options for dismemberment in GD:

  1. Ragdoll bone setup in the mif file.

  2. Overkill gib effects attached to monster death in the dbr.

1 - Ragdoll setup:

First one much more powerful and accurate, but it’s also a bit complicated and difficult to set-up/explain, so I’ll just summarize it for now. If you think it’s something you want to do and need the help, we can talk about it more. Basically, this technique uses bone weights with no blending between bone joints in max. For example, if you had a forearm you wanted to detach, you’d weight all the bones in the forearm 100% to the forearm bone only. No 50% 25% etc on the elbow, as this would cause weird stretching in the rag-doll when the forearm bone detaches.

From there, you have to use the viewer to edit the physics properties of the character. In the viewer, you can set up ragdoll physics and set bones to be breakable or not. For any joint you’ve properly set up the 100% - 0% weights (non-blended) you should be able to set the bone to breakable with a percentage chance on death. If you are able to load up the skeleton from the base-game in the viewer, you can see an example of how this is set up:

2 - Overkill gib FX:

This setup is pretty simple to implement and yields decent results if you don’t care about super accurate dismemberment. Basically, you’re just loading in some static gibs via a death effect. You need separate mesh assets for each gib you want (arm, head, torso, etc) and separate gib effect dbrs for each mesh. If you can load up the spider dbrs from the base game, you can see how this is setup:

gib dbrs & gib FX dbrs:

gib parameters in gib FX:

gib settings on creature dbr:

Hope that helps, let me know if you need more detail on that setup!

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i will try first, bcs i have some skills with rigging, thanks))