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Digital distributors:

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Numerous platforms have followed Humble Bundle’s lead. They are a great opportunity to learn about games, you might have never noticed. Some include game soundtracks, chiptune music, etc.

Most offer a newsletter subscription to inform you about new bundles. Indie Game Bundles tracks Active Bundles. You can check for current offers on Is There Any Deal, too.

I have used only Steam, and I think it is the best. I haven’t buy anything for very long time, but even the program itself is very good, because you can communicate, and even speak with a microphone with our friends same time you are playing.

I have bought very good games, mostly Valve-games, but sometimes there are so good offers, that I feel like “this is something I have to buy!” I felt that way when I saw the summer prices of 2010, some games could be bought with 1€, amazing…

Edit: And I almost forgot, that the downloading speed with Steam is amazing!

As for deals, Gamersgate has been running a summer sale the past two weeks, and they just started their third week today. Some alright deals if you are after some of these games. Curious what the fourth week will bring.

This probably doesn’t match well for an ARPG crowd, but if you enjoy RTS games, Men of War for $3 is a freaking steal. It is quirky a bit and has some silly voice acting, but the game itself is fairly impressive with the amount of detail in it.

Well, it’s better than Direct2Drive’s deal, who offers the game 50% off for a total of $7.50…

On Gamersgate, Spellforce 2 Gold seems interesting. That’s the game plus its expansion. At 5 bucks, it’s currently cheaper than the game itself or its expansions :rolleyes:

Steam currently offers Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood for 2.49. Pretty cheap, it seems interesting as well. I’m more concerned with time than with money for this title though.

Get Games is european so I’m not sure if they sell to ‘rest of the worlders’, but they have a sale going as well.

The only one that catches my attention off the bat is King’s Bounty for £2.5 though it’s not including Armored Princess (which is a standalone, “more of the same but generally better” kinda deal), however UFO afterlight and aftershock are two games I would play obsessively and intensively when I was into them.

Agreed, the game actually has pretty solid reviews. For that price you pretty much have to buy it. I know I am :smiley:

I prefer Steam…

But I do have Impulse as I used tha for Sins of a Solar Empire…and a few others I thought about getting…

D2D I think I bought R6V2…

when steam has stupid insane deals like there last summer sale i think i bought $1500 worth of games for $200 and yeah i only use steam now as i dont like having more than one game manager open and im lazy. otherwise i have only used impulse for a sins of a solar empire expansion and i had no love with that process and if i wanted one of there games i would go retail or pirate it before going through impulse again.

Why the hate for impulse? I find it a lot more hassle-free than steam. You don’t even have to run impulse to run it’s games, and can add them to steam (albeit as a non-steam game).

Another reason I like Impulse is that they show me the prices in my currency. Steam tends to give me Euros which I never even use. Some of their games tie into D2D as well, I bought Red Faction on D2D a while ago and I can download it through impulse.

That’s good to know, I’ve purchased that game as well through D2D :slight_smile:
Not that I used Impulse so far (I’ve got 2 games through D2D, 70 on Steam), but as a conscious consumer I think I should use several platforms; especially if the prices give good reason to.

Also think I’m gonna get Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood. It seems like a nice little time waster.

The new Impulse Reactor system is going to require that you have a legitimate copy of the game in order to receive any updates. Since Stardock is known for updating games well beyond their initial release date, I’d say you’d be missing out on a lot by avoiding Impulse. Even retail copies are going to be reliant on Impulse since there is no other DRM in place for Elemental for instance.

Steam and Impulse are both good tools and preferable to retail stores in my opinion.

Call me old fashioned but I do prefer holding that disk in my hand and throwing it into the drive as 9 times outa 10 I just cannot get my head around handing over money and getting nothing for it.

While I do have Steam most of the games I have on it are retail versions tied to it and if I see a Digital Download game only that I really like then I’d prefer to buy direct from the developer and not a digital download service.

Ok. You’re old fashioned :slight_smile:

I think the end of an age is nearing, digital distribution is generally easier to use, much cheaper for the ones involved (except the customer…) and you don’t have to get out of your chair. It’s also great if you forgot someone’s birthday; just buy him whatever’s on sale that day :smiley:
No disc-swapping, a digital library, easy to find friends, etc… I don’t see much disadvantages in digital distribution.

I guess retail distribution will linger around for quite some time though.

i mainly ment i would buy the key and pirate the game as i had way too much trouble geting it to work took me about 5 attempts, i only realy play sins with my mates when we lan so i dont care so much about paches
if i dont no anything is wrong i dont no im missing out.

Direct2Drive and Gamersgate do not have any form of game manager. You simply download the installation files and install it as you would a typical retail game. Impulse is the only other service that has a client, but even then, it is primarily for downloads/updates. You can choose to run Impulse games without the client after they are downloaded from the service.

Steam is the only service that forces consumers to run their client at all times. Additionally, if you want all your games grouped under one system, you can add shortcuts to games purchased from these other services to your Steam games list. Sure they won’t be auto-updated through the service, but at least you can launch them all through one ‘game manager.’

I’m not against other outlets I’m just not intrigued enough to bother, I get most of my games after launch and on sale so the pricing is never that far off others offers.

I use steam also because I like the community features and I don’t use messenger, facebook or anything like that I just buy my family steam games then they have to have accounts and I can chat to them.

i just link all my non steam games through steam where ther is not an issue that causes a crash.

I’m in no way saying steam is the best as I’m sure there are as many flaws with it as there are good points, for me the biggest is offline mode, I don’t have the net at home when I go to my friends to LAN I often have games update, I know I can turn the feature off but as I stated before I’m lazy.

The other great threat I feel hanging over me is that I own 106 games at around $3000 laid out for myself and gifts for others over 2.5 years

It’s a lot to lose and it only takes getting hacked or a false positive on vac and I have lost all my games. :frowning:

Borderlands on sale with 66% off, also on DLC’s. It’s definetely worth it if you can find 3 friends to play it with. Still somewhat decent as a grinding single player game…

Just got done playing the Knoxx DLC yesterday. I heard the other ones were kinda iffy (especially moxxi which is just an arena), but knoxx was definitely a decent continuation of the base game. Higher level cap, new vehicles (including a 4 man one), new enemy types like mechs and jetpack dudes, and it’s more obvious now if someone are resistant to a specific element.

It’s tough to say if there’s any new weapon mods since there are so many in the first place, but we got a few mods in knoxx which we had never seen before. One being a rocket launcher that fired missiles which fired missiles.

That fired missiles that fired missiles? Wut?

Heh, the Knoxx expansion is definetely the best. But for 2,17 a piece, you can’t go wrong really. Mad Moxxi is more of a multiplayer thing. It’s sorta fun to go through the arena with friends, but alone, meh…
Zombie Island offers a bunch of new missions in a new environment. It’s a lot of grinding, but at least it offers a new setting.

the only dlc problem is the one waypoint per dlc issue it is a pain to have to drive everyware in nox and to run it in ned, its the only thing that made them feel long i did each in one sitting all quests.

however still worthe the money and im looking forward to the claptrap revalution!