Okay, pet-peeve time. Enjoying the game although I find the reputation grind to be worse than any other game I’ve played in years. But if you can’t beat them, join them, right?

Finally got to Respected in Devil’s and picked up bounties. Have to kill a mob named Capsis…reportedly somewhere in Burrwich Outskirts. Spent about three days (real time) running back and forth, hitting every cave, nook and cranny and finally gave up and googled it. Oh…he’s in that dungeon behind the locked door that I’ve never been able to open.

According to the posts, the key will RANDOMLY drop from one of the cultists hanging about the entrance. If you define random as a .001% chance I guess that is about right. I log in…portal to flooded passage, exit and run to broken piece of wall just north of bridge, break it and follow passage around and kill every cultist. No key. Log off…rinse-repeat-same result. I have now done this at least 17 times over the past two days.

See this is the kind of piss-poor design that kills a game for me. Bad enough the grind is disgusting, but to put a quest behind a door that can only be opened through a random drop…wow. Just wow.

And for all of you who’ve had anywhere from 1-5 keys drop every time you look at a cultist…well, good on you. Doesn’t do a damn thing for me since I’m not teamed up with you. Frankly, at this point, I don’t care if I ever go beyond respected with Devil’s or if I ever find a key or if I ever kill this mob. Way to go, Crate, in totally ruining what was a fun run.

All I say about bounties is don’t take ones where you don’t know where the mark is/will spawn :undecided: Otherwise, sounds like you’re having bad luck in regards to getting a key to drop.

I do wish there was the option to either drop bounty quests or trade one in for another though. Zantai has also said that he would like to redo the bounty system in the future as well, perhaps if there’s a 2nd expansion.

There are A LOT of little things that this game needs to improve (imnsho) - I’ve played crawlers, literally, for years.
Better hot bars - the mods for gear? are necessary BUT a huge pain in the arse to manage.
I digress.
This is a particular favorite of mine and I agree with you that farming for rep etc, is/can be, pretty ridiculous.
I sent you a Steam invite and would be happy to group up if you so desire.
I can show you the path/paths I use to farm and would love another dedicated friend to game with - I have friends that game but not nearly as often or with the same love lol.
Anyhow - the invite is sent - hopefully, you will respond and we can make our way through the world of Cairn.

Hey OP, it is not only a drop, there is a quest to get the key but you can miss the quest or make the wrong choice leaving grinding your only option, what your having is just a run of bad luck. It will drop for you I have had times were it drops first run, drops 5 in one run, and then there is your bad luck string been there it is a kill joy for sure but you can get rep with that faction fairly easy one you hit epic Difficulty, get the rep gain increase and you will be laughing, go to Cronoly hideout you get >700+ rep a run if you have the optional boss an extra 75 base rep bonus for him, and pick up bounty’s for the hideout and then you get more extra rep, you will be max rep in no time. Rep grind was way worse, once you max rep the first time and get the mandates for your alts you don’t need to grind rep really it will just happen as you play. :smiley:

Do not lose hope there is a way to get rep without the tedium in no time :cool::wink:

I suggest you ignore the quest and wait for the drop to come later in the game. That isn’t the only place you run into a lot of cultists.

I have also not done a bounty in many playthroughs, and manage to hit Revered in them all by the time I finish Ultimate. Although the first time to hit revered with any given faction is harder, but once you do, you can buy conscriptions to trade with your other characters to double their faction experience.

And as noted above me, there is a quest that will give you the key to that area if you chose the corresponding dialog choices.

I’m not a fan of farming reputation myself; MMORPGs ruined that for me many moons ago. However, thankfully, this game allows one to simply slaughter the enemies of the factions to gain their favor. Therefore, I would suggest simply playing through the game until you reach Ultimate before worrying much about reputation.

There are three reasons I suggest this:

  1. You will quickly outgrow low-level reputation items (the 35s, for example) if you’re looking for a particular piece of gear that they sell.
  2. If you’re looking for something that will actually benefit you long term, then it generally won’t make or break your character to get it right away. As a matter of fact, many of those items (augments, high-level recipes, etc.) can’t even be used if you farm the rep early on anyway.
  3. By the time you hit Ultimate, many factions will be either maxed or very close to it simply from all the killing to that point.

Just be sure to purchase writs when they become available to increase your reputation gain, and once you do eventually max a faction’s reputation, purchase a few mandates to transfer to your newer characters to increase reputation gain even more.

On my new Cabalist, for example, I’ve only just finished Elite, but I’m revered with Homestead, Black Legion, and Malmouth Resistance and honored with all the rest of the friendly factions, yet I haven’t done a single bounty quest. After playing Ultimate for a few acts, I expect to hit revered status with the holdouts.

Edit: Also, try not to let one bad experience with an admittedly poor game design put you off entirely from the game. It seems like this particular experience has really irked you–and rightfully so–but try my suggestion and shift your focus to all of the amazing things about this game! Farming reputation in Grim Dawn is SO October 10th.

17 runs without a drop sound near impossible. Do you already have that key in your inventory / stash somewhere ? It only drops once (per char and difficulty) and only from cultist priests (so look out for those).

EDIT: technically it stops dropping after you have picked one up but can drop multiple times until you do, so you cannot accidently miss it

I too despice rep grinds however its a pain only on your very first character.

After that with writs it becomes piss easy and you wont even notice when you get revered -Good luck!

I usually see 2-3 keys drop anytime I approach that door, and then half of the time it drops in the cellar in the bog before that.

It will continue dropping even if you have one in inventory until you use one to enter.

It’s hardly impossible, or even that improbably. What is drop chance? I’d guess that it’s something like .3-.4%, and only to mobs either outside salazar’s door or in Lone Watch area.

Assuming odds are .3% per killed cultist in correct area, you kill 25 cultists per run, and you do 15 runs:

(.997) (25) (15) = .324

ie, you have a 32.4% chance of NOT getting the key after 15 runs in that scenario. That seems too low to me, I’ve been getting it more often since aom hit, but I do have a guy almost done with elite who has made a few attempts to get a key both in veteran and elite without any luck, too.

lol. That damned key only ever seems to drop AFTER I’ve already gotten it via sidequest. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hardly impossible, or even that improbably. What is drop chance? I’d guess that it’s something like .3-.4%, and only to mobs either outside salazar’s door or in Lone Watch area.

Assuming odds are .3% per killed cultist in correct area, you kill 25 cultists per run, and you do 15 runs:

(.997) ^ (25) ^ (15) = .324

ie, you have a 32.4% chance of NOT getting the key after 15 runs in that scenario. That seems too low to me, I’ve been getting it more often since aom hit, though my Infiltrator is almost done with elite and has made a few attempts to get a key both in veteran and elite without any luck.

even if you double drop chance to .6%, that would still be a 6.66% chance to go 15 runs with 25 cultists per run and still not get the key.

Where are you getting that drop rate from? It seems to be a 50/50 chance to drop simply by going towards Burrowitch. If it drops, I kill the betrayer, if it doesn’t, I spare him. I’ve even decided to not bother, and they drop a lot after Homestead.

Killing him is a bad idea and removes an easy reputation farm for one of the more annoying factions to get reputation for.

Fuck this forum - when mods edit what I post I would rather not post at all.

So it took me four, maybe five more attempts to get the key to drop. Then one-shotted by Salazar!! I knew he was tough, but wow…

Good news, it appears that once you unlock the door you no longer need a key to go through, so two more deaths later I finally kill Salazar and push through to Carpis.

Got 175 rep gain.

He can play the game, rather than getting wrapped up in a bounty. When he passes Homestead, it’ll be very hard to not get a key to drop for that section. Then if he feels the need, he can go back and do more bounties.

yeah, not sure how good your assumption about the percentage is…

I always do the following

  • clear the entire area up to Burrwitch, if the key drops in either location, kill Direni
  • if the key does not drop, get it from Direni

So I clear the area once, and whether the char ends up killing Direni or not is about 50/50 chance.
Same as what bystander says

With that ration you are at 0.5^17 or a 0.0007629 % chance to not have the key after 17 runs…

If I am generous and say he is only farming the entry, not the other cultist location, and give the first location a 33% chance to find the key there (smaller, fewer cultists…) that brings the chance up to 0.10149% to not have it after 17 runs

Your math is also wrong, the formula would be (1 - 0.003 * 25) ^ 15 - if we ignore the fact that only priests drop the key, as mentioned, and actually have a much higher rate than .3% :wink:

I didn’t do any math, but I did say it was about 50/50 I get it on a run to Burrowich.

I wouldn’t have obsessed about a bounty either. Three days just to hunt down Capsis. What a strange decision. No pun intended.

Besides, it’s safe to say he would’ve acquired plenty of other so-called game-killing, time-consuming pet peeves long before reaching Homestead. And then quit, too.

Way to go, Subsonar7191, in totally ending what was a fun run on the lowest and longest note possible. :furious: