Game over?

I assume since the grim misadventures have ended that the game itself is now a dead game? No more updates/patches like Diablo 2 for years then a random patch that really isn’t anything.

Just curious as I just deleted GDStash to hopefully rekindle my love of this game. Gd stash ruined it for me that or the 3300hrs I’ve loged just burnt me out but finally going to see a panetties build all the way to the end.


I prefer to call the game finished, but I guess dead works too. What is it with everything needing to be updated all the time when it already works?
Besides, Diablo 2 1.14 improved compatibility with new systems, which isn’t nothing.


As Res said, finished rather than dead. From the last GM:

That said we know there’s a patch on the way, but when it’ll be released … stay tuned!


Dead game is the game no one plays anymore. I’ll let you figure out the rest.


even if crate choose to totally stop gd1 updates to focus on other games, there’s still many gd mods that can give different experiences than vanilla

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… curses on the "live service"model that made this sorta thing an “expectation”
the notion that a game can’t be finished or “complete” without it being a bad thing is almost disgusting to me
and as someone that have felt games ruined by the concept, having “a” version of a game that one liked, updated/“expand” to keep “fresh” and player retention, but into what became (in personal sentiment) a worse game, - i don’t remotely understand the desire for the concept, much less in SP games like this

even if 9.2 wasn’t a thing, or continued support/trickle balancing updates, maybe the fabled loyalist pack 3, i wouldn’t think it as a negative in the sense of calling it a “dead game” in a serious sense, feels kinda insulting if when not referred to as a joking manner imo
aside from it being mainly a SP game, i don’t see any reasons why devs shouldn’t be allowed to move on from one work to another, if/when they are satisfied with their results.


Even if official updates to the game finally came to a close, the modding community would step in and continue things from there, which is what some of them have been waiting for over months/years rather than trying to continually update their balance changes as Crate develops their own with the community.


like how the blacksmiths of cairn always said:
“i do the best i can with what i’ve got”
celestial crate trapping cairn in stasis for unknown amount of time? that’s fine. the modders of cairn can manipulate realities too.

if it doesn’t satisfy you, you can just travel and experience another worlds (games) and comes back when the celestial crate concocts new mildly amusing box of surprises.

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let’s just see with what they come up in the third expansion, ähem… duck and cover

No, this game is NOT dead.

An I think it won’t be for another five years, as it has even more potential than Skyrim, which is also NOT dead after 11 years, soo…

I think those complex ARPGs have long lifetimes if the developing team is not being bought off by some ‘Investor’…

Let’s just hope this never happens to Crate.

Seems unlikely.


This is just freaking IT! I totally agree with this statement. Maybe those parasitic ‘investors’ will somewhen learn, that their approach is no longer… appreciated.

Thank you for this quote.