Games We Play

To try to reduce redundant threads here is a list of games we play:

Titan Quest

Soulvizier mod (TQ)

Black Mesa



Borderlands 2

Company of Heroes 2

Crusader Kings 2


Darksiders II

Dark Souls


Dead Island: Riptide

Diablo 3


Don’t Starve

Dungeon Siege 3

Dota 2

Elder Scrolls Online

Endless Space

EYE Divine Cybermancy



Heroes of Newerth

King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North


LA Noire

League of Legends

Legend of Grimrock

Mars War Logs

Might and Magic X


Orcs Must Die 2



Saints Row 3

Spec Ops: The Line

The Secret World


Warhammer 40000 Space Marine

Sleeping Dogs

Torchlight 2

Tribes Ascend


Feel free to link me threads I missed (I only went as far as page 7)

i am what you would call way behind all the gamers on this site but found TQ and TQIT, then found sacred gold and sacred gold2. love them all

I’m enjoying “The Secret World”, pretty good experience though!

Nice list !

For me, i think, it will be “South Park : the stick of Truth”. Want to try it !

Diablo 2 doesn’t make the list? What kind of heresy is this?

Apparently no one started a thread for it?

2 days ago i started playing Broforce, a really cool and fun game
especially when you play it with friends (it is still in beta)

Right now Endless Space, Grim Dawn, Civ V, The new Thief game (which I returned), Diablo 3, and bit of Deadlight and Wasteland 2

All the new names i see mostly. How about something very discreet and old? For example Mechcommander 1 from legendary Microprose and Fasa. I doubt someone even remembers that stuff :slight_smile:

I just started playing World of Tanks Blitz on the iOS and now WoT on the PC. I’m totally hooked! I don’t know how this happened as I mostly play arpg’s! Just a warning to everyone, the game is super addictive. They must use mind control coding or something! I think I may need professional help! lol! Anyone else play?

playing Marvel heroes here,i hope that when the game is finished i 'll put as much hours than i did with MH hehehe!!!

From that list i play atm hearthstone and Diablo 3.
Whats not on that list and what i play is Homeworld Enhanced Edition, Path of Exile,Neverwinter and(a few months ago) World of Warcraft and ofc Grim Dawn!

Edit: forgot to add Heroes of the Storm,Starcraft 2 Hearthstone, and SPAZ:Space Pirates and Zombies.

you are a full time player I think. great collection

I dont see Diablo 2 on the list… I’m still playing the game, was on Nezeramontias mod and waiting for the new patch of the great mod : " Le Royaume des Ombres ". I think I will start a thread about D2, that cant be possible, I could cry soon…

Just recently began playing HAND OF FATE and having alot of fun with it. Plenty of rich card play with many unexpected elements making it much more then a card game.

A few others am playing are:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut
Dying Light
Darkest Dungeon
7 Days To Die
Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon
The Long Dark
The Forest
Wings! Remastered Edition
Order Of Battle Pacific
Company Of Heroes 2
Galactic Civilizations III

I Love to Play these Games, which i Mention under here :

Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time ( 1998 )
Mass Effect 2 ( 1998 )
Half - Life 2 ( 1998 )
Final Fantasy VII ( 1998 )
Fallout 3 ( 1998 )
Mass Effect ( 1998 )
Metal Gear Solid ( 1998 )
Portal ( 1998 )
Chrono Trigger ( 1998 )
Uncharted 2 : Among Theives ( 1998 )

Not a video game, but I recently started playing DnD 5e. Lots of fun and good way to keep your mind ticking over. I wouldn’t mind seeing a PnP game based off of Grim Dawn one day.

Ck2/Eu4/Killingfloor1… basically games that have a long lifespam and where I can sink in lots of time.

  • Grim Dawn
  • Diablo II LOD
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I have bought a Legendary Founders pack for Albion Online and may start playing it once they release a version of the game where there will be no further wipes. Just got back into Grim Dawn and there is a lot to do!


I recently rage uninstalled the game, been playing since 2012, had some insane achievements in the game, but I grew tired of the random teams, I had to carry them, I’ve won battles which were already lost, some players do everything humanly possible to lose the battles. Way to many morons in World of Tanks playing with top tier tanks.

So I am waiting for the full release of Grim Dawn, I want to play a single player game, no more team based MMO’s, tired of the moron players.