GD Acronym and Abbreviation List

Anyone know what RoH is?

edit: answered below… Thanks :slight_smile:

Rune of Haggard

Inquisitor skill

kind of over powered

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Very helpful!

I’d propose the entry for Exclusive Skill into the list in some way: eskill or ES.

OP last activity was almost 1y ago.

Today, I saw “SR” a lot on the forum. Still didn’t figure it out what that was.

Shattered Realm : the new endless challenge dungeon mode in FG (forgotten gods)

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Thank you so much!

I sometimes see in titles (g3) (g2) etc what about these? What do they stand for?

From: Build Compendium V -

Any build name may have codes preceding them. The codes are :

  • Melee - consist of builds that require you to physically swing at the mob and/or them swinging at you.
  • Ranged - use Ranged Weapons
  • Caster - Builds that primarily use skills that do not involve %weapon damage.
  • Pet - self explanatory[/li] [li]hc : Hard core character.
  • u : The build is capable of playing on ultimate difficulty.
  • c : is viable for crucible
  • c+: can clear crucible on gladiator difficulty
  • d : The build has a downloadable save file associated with it. Check the build’s thread for the link.
  • vid : The build has a video associated with it. Check the build’s thread/post for the link.
  • g# : The build is dependent on specific gear with a value ranging from 1-5. The higher the number, the more gear dependent it is.
  • l : The build has a leveling/progression guide.

Thank you powbam!

Note that if you have the Forgotten Gods expansion then these are no longer used for builds anyway. Each compendium (V anx IX) tells you what these stand for as far as builds go.

Actually if you go to the latest compendium and look at latest submissions you will find that they indeed use the “g” tag and others still. Its use however is not mentioned by Stupid Dragon in the thread.

I should have specified g tags particularly I guess. Stupid Dragon explains why he dropped it.

I’ll take your word they still use them powbam, but I didn’t see any in the few builds I looked at. :woman_shrugging:

Some people indeed still use this term. It takes time for habits to go away.

Been wondering what’s MC mean? it was in the build guide for Eye of Reckoning skill

Main Campaign

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Oh! gotcha, I thought it was something else, thanks for replying!