GD Burnout/Breaks

I’m just curious if there are any players out there that overplayed or had to take a break from GD, and why they think that is.

I stopped a few months ago when my friends started playing a couple other games/ real life stuff, and I was having problems managing my massive inventory (I know there’s mods for it, but i prefer vanilla). :smiley: So I guess it’s not really burnout tbh.

I have 447 hours played, a few max level toons, lots of alts.

I’ll be returning for the expansion, maybe sooner :wink:

Just looking for insights from forum lurkers and whatnot, maybe some positive feedback for devs could come out of it! I think the new game mode will give me another healthy dosage of gd.


Over 6000 hours later, I have no idea what this “burnout” you speak of is.

Joking aside, yeah after 3k hours I hit a brick wall. Using GDstash both to manage my legit characters and to cheat in stuff for testing build ideas I couldn’t be arsed to do 1-100 kept my joy for the game alive. I still make level 1-100 self found characters occasionally but I also sometimes generate lvl 100’s from scratch just to enjoy all the crazy possibilities.

It requires the mental discipline to keep both sides of playing separate.

Around half a year ago I started using xp potions for the first time, that helped too. A lot.

FG hype helped too. Playing multiplayer helped a huge amount. Going outside my comfort zone on playstyle preferences as well. Having goals helped, I wanted to have a good lvl 100 build for every single main skill in the game.

I have to agree on the xp potions, after making the first journey to 100, I enjoyed the faster progression on following toons.

Goal setting in this game has been very rewarding for me as well, especially with the help of friends (looking for specific items can be daunting sometimes).

"It requires the mental discipline to keep both sides of playing separate. " - That’s a really good pointer for people using QOL tools.

Thanks for the reply!

I solve burnout by just not playing for a while. It’s not like I need to play the game to keep my characters geared or anything, I’m not missing out on any sort of raid progression or the like. If I don’t feel like playing, I don’t. Simple as.

Sets being easier to find and complete in Forgotten Gods will make the process a lot more friendly.

Personally I think the xp-rate at +100% xp should be the default (monster area level scaling would need to be higher though. But I’m biased from having grinded so much in this game already.

Not… playing… for… a while? I don’t understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my gosh, yes! :smiley:

About a year ago, I was so fed up with GD, ugh!
Not only was I playing it all the time, but I was alt-crazy, I create new toons on a whim all the time, or rather when some new and interesting piece of equipement dropped. At some point my character list was so long, it made me sick to even look at it, most of them were unfinished of course.

And my stash tabs, and my GD Stash were so bloated … it was a total mess. So I did what I usually do in situations like these: I burned down the house.

Deleted everything, including my GD Stash database. Tabula Rasa.
That was very neat, I think I actually stopped playing for a few weeks also, no clue why. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started totally fresh in January 2018, that was a lot of fun, except for having to find all the blueprints again (lesson learned, not doing that a third time).

Playing a different style now. I think leveling a new toon/build is what brings me most joy in GD, so I do that a lot, but not as manically as before, and if a build doesn´t work out the way I thought it might, I delete the charcater and move on. Yes, I have a few “finished” characters and enjoy farming with them also. But it´s mostly just playing GD. You know, hacking bad things to pieces and stuff. :wink:

Judging from my component and crafting mats tabs, I might still be playing a little too much. If that is even possible. Maybe it´s time for another fire…

4902 hours and counting. Looking forward to FG.

Happened to me 2 times over ~2000 hours of play time.

This is more or less what I do when it happens - play something else. I don’t go back to playing GD until I find a build that I find enjoyable and actively want to level/play (usually a new one). If I’m not having fun, where’s the point?

The struggle is real. Maybe I’m jaded but it’s hard for me to find sympathy for lesser mortals woes these days.


And here I am, an early access backer on Kickstarter…A fan who’s been following the project since almost the beginning (I joined the forums beginning of 2011…Oh dear, it’s been 7 years already!), who started recording a series on Grim Dawn when the alpha was released, back when when I had a youtube channel.
A fan who actually did record a few series on Grim Dawn…

And I only have 482 hours on it! Which already seems like an eternity to me! :smiley: I haven’t even tested all the possible builds and skills out there, but I’ve already felt that burn out a couple of times.

Oh well, what can I say? I’m not a hardcore player like some people (heck, it’s only this year that I started a campaign in Elite for the first time!), and in the last few months (years?) I’ve been dedicating less and less time at gaming. I barely play once a week now, and it’s not even always Grim Dawn.

It’s still the game I’ve played the most in my entire life (more than Titan Quest I believe), followed by Skyrim with…107 hours! XD
When I think I once was a teenager who used to think “when I’ll be older, I’ll just do whatever I want and play games during my whole freetime!”, lol!

Holy shit you started back in 2011 and you only have 500 hours? Damn, man, there is so much stuff you can try yet.

I have 1500+ hours and have 9 fully leveled and fully decked character - all of them made after my own design, all of them Crucible 150-170 farmers, all of them min-maxed to death. After that yes, I don’t have much to do in Grim Dawn, farming stopped making sense quite a while ago since I have everything or can get anything through trade or just ask a friend (am talking legitimate items only). I even have one my own build (and a pretty good one) yet to make into a real toon (made it in GDstash), but I can’t be arsed to do 1 to 100 rouitine for literally the tenth time. I do ocasionally tune my old builds a bit after taking a break from them.

So I keep two seperate save folders, one is 100% legit, other one is where I mess with GDstash and GDdefiler just try out different specs and crazy ideas. But burnout is real, can’t wait for 1.0.7

I got 1000+ hours and I haven’t even touched much acid, bleed, vitality or non-pet chaos concepts. I’m not as excited now as I used to be about exploring the possibilities because even though there’s a lot I haven’t done I can pretty much predict how it would go. Besides, I feel like there aren’t any blank spots on the GD map anymore, no cities left unconquered, no feats left to boast. Just about everything has already been done.

My GDStash turning point happened after 100+ unsuccessful Alkamos runs. That runefultrator is my only char tainted by the sin (I’m still looking for a noob to sucker trade a legit A. Anguish from, lol). I believe that GDStashing kills al the fun for most players except the highest echelons of the building society who GDStash gear because it’s faster than shuffling mules. And I think that turning to GDStash is the point when many players start feeling burnt out. GDStash is a really great app for browsing items, though, I use it all the time to figure best gear for my concepts. Grimtools should have advanced search options like that.

Hard to believe… did you miss one zero there?

Pets? :wink:

Taking my second break at the moment after around 1500h. Last break was just before AoM.
Got 15 chars at 100 (2 HC) and around 30 other a varying levels and Im enjoying some other games until FG comes out and I can finish some long due sets, since I play self found only.

I still need the “Kill 200k enemies” Achievement but I hope to get this one with FG unless they make a higher one again :rolleyes:

hey will still have that dude with 300k hours :wink:

I only have 200k hours though so someone is better than my record?

Anyway, I have about 800 hours in (Steam says 850 but I now and then just have toons in town while I make coffee etc)

I do not have burnout or anything, I am pretty resistant to that if it is something that I enjoy. My hobby is bodybuilding so I am kinda used of doing things in a repetitive manner during long periods of time, while “enjoying it”.

What I do feel about GD is that for every char I “Finish” (not necessarily crush all gladiator waves, but you know when I am “happy” with it) then I know I have 5 more character ideas planned. So I “finish” one more characters and during that process come up with 5 more ideas. So at this point I have 9 chars to make. And this process continues, I have lost count on how many builds I have planned to do now LOL so it becomes kinda hard for me to choose “what should I play today, and old char and try to min max it a bit or should I make a new”

No one will beat that guy. I believe he has 350k hours now, at least 350k. Compared to my 639h it’s literally xD.

I never feel like I play too much of a game. I am just getting bored of a game for a while, not a burnout. At this point, if something big happens (e.g. a patch) I come back to it even if I just wanted to take a break. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t play GD for about 2 or 3 months, then came back to it with my AAR guy, and now I don’t play again because I have other stuff to do and I kinda enjoy making Disciples maps more than playing anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done over 4000 Travincal runs in Diablo 2 for Cham rune. Drop chance is about 1:80000. C’mon dude :smiley:

I think managing/balancing work & family life with gaming in general has helped prevent any burnout. If anything, the breaks it offers, sometimes weeks, even months, help generate a renewed interest & fresh open minded thinking when coming back in.

Current hours played as of 18-11-2018…

GDstashing started shortly after I hit 2000 hours & then again is rarely used & for green items only. It’s just purely for Quality of Life more than anything, considering I’m now in my mid-30’s.

Given my current situation in life, I can see my GD days slowly coming to an end, possibly within the next 12 months. Hate to say it for I have loved the game since it’s release.

Be strong man! We need solid players like you. Its sad to see good holy noble people like yourself giving up to the pressures of real life. Gaming should be priority in our lives:cry: