GD:Cornucopia v0.3.1: Itemization Part 1 - Affixes and More!

Grim Dawn: Cornucopia v0.3.1: Itemization Part 1 - Affixes

Dropbox Link
Mirror Link It will still say folder Cornucopia002 despite being version 0.3.1, everything is fine and working. We did this so you won’t keep losing your blueprints and transfer stashes. And thank you 420WeedWizard for hosting the mirror!

Extract the .zip file to the ‘mods’ folder (you’ll need to make this folder if it doesn’t exist already) in the installation directory for Grim Dawn. That is, for Steam, Steam/steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/mods/[EXTRACT HERE]

The changes we are implementing are now beyond the scope of what we can ever hope to test by ourselves. We are very excited to start implementing more and more of Cornucopia’s third version because we now delve into the realm changes that can shift the meta of GD in big ways. We’ve said it before but here we must re-emphasize that some of the things we release may not feel great, or may even seem to hurt the game. This is because in order to achieve our end-vision in any sort of timely matter we must be willing to bring you guys in more on the experimentation-state of implementation. That is to say, bear with us and try to understand that even if a release/hotfix makes something feel worse/fails to make something feel better, it is still contributing to our understanding of how to get it right next time, or the next time after that.

Over versions 0.3.1, 0.3.2, and potentially 0.3.3 we aim to make sure 2handed melee and ranged weapons compete with 1 handers, to make gearing in GD feel more fun and less grindy (well for non MI’s), to make MI’s compete with legendary items in both stats and fun, to make physique, cunning, and spirit compete with each other, and more. And as always, since this is the itemization pass of Cornucopia, we will start bringing the worst tier of items up to viable or good. In this release, part ⅓ of version 3, we are primarily tackling affixes. Let us know if you think we missed any affixes or disagree with any of our changes. The next version (v0.3.2) will have us look at all base items. So epics, legendaries, MI’s, augments, and components, and we’re super excited because we think there are a good amount of gems here that are underused because they’re underpowered, despite being cool.


Hotfix A

[li]fixed blade spirit cooldown (this was done earlier but I’ll list it in this hotfix)[/li]
[li]fixed arcane bomb[/li]
[li]fixed “of binding” giving %health on some lvls/places instead of flat health.[/li]
[li]fixed PRM targetting[/li]


  • Changed the way Defensive Ability functions. Now, starting at below 90% chance to hit, damage is reduced by the attacker by .4% per 1% chance to miss. So if you have 80% chance to hit something you will do 4% less damage to it as well. You also now only start critting for 1.1x dmg at 95% chance to hit instead of 90%… but the rest of the crit thresholds were unchanged. This also affects monsters. The formula is: 1 - ((1 - ((PTH + 10) / 100)) * 0.4). Ceno note: The goal here is to allow for DA-tanking to begin to transition into viability. We understand that this will again force OA stacking back into prevalence, which we will monitor very closely. If anything, we would like to lessen players’ dependency on OA, but right now DA is just such a worthless stat that we decided to work it back into gameplay. Doom Note: Also we’re aware this made physique even better but considering everyone was already building it, that’s irrelevant. We plan on addressing the attributes next patch, aka making spirit/cunning better / physique worse. So bear with it for now.
  • Reduced Ultimate’s acid/poison, bleed, pierce, and vitality resist penalties by a flat 5% each.
  • Reverted skill respec cost tiers to their vanilla levels.


  • Added projectile pierce-through on all 2-handed ranged weapons. 25% on common rifles, 28% on epic rifles, and 30% on legendary and MI rifles. 30%, 33%, and 35% on the equivalent crossbows. We expect this to have a much greater effect on the late game, when you have all your abilities and procs, than the early game. Also increased their base attack speeds by .01. So where as most were at -.19 to -.23 now they’d be -.18 to -.22. Oh and faction 2-handed ranged weapons only get the epic value of projectile piercing (28 rifle 33 xbow). Oh also, it’s invisible. You just have to trust us that the stat is there, but it doesn’t show up on the item’s list of stats.
  • Added %cast speed and %attack speed to ALL gloves that lacked both. That is to say, if a glove had EITHER cast speed or attack speed already, it was left untouched. If it lacked both, attack speed and cast speed were added. This affects white gloves, faction gloves, epics, and legendaries. 4% of each were added at gloves at ilvl 31 and under, 5% at 32-50, and 6% at 50+. This is a [u]rough[/u] change. We are fully aware this may make some existing epics or legendaries too good, and that will be addressed in the next big release. What this change does is try to normalize the attack speed/cast speed players get from gloves and take a little pressure off always picking gloves with large amounts. It also makes dropped gloves better, and takes pressure off things like “of alacrity” which were nerfed below.
  • Removed the “Energizing, Luminous, Invigorating, Nullifying, Thawing, Resolute, Shrewd, Mighty, Mystic, Stalwart, Tough, and Rugged” prefixes and “of the Sea, of Detoxification, of Coagulation, of Spellweaving” suffixes and from all drop-tables. This will not affect existing items, it only means you cannot get these to drop anymore. We also messed around with loot-table weightings. Doom note: Detox/Coag were removed because they’re underwhelming the vast majority of the time, but extremely powerful for what they do. If I wanted to make a challenge dungeon with a lot of things that make you bleed, coagulation would hard counter it. This opens up development space to spread these niche stats out more instead of putting a ton on one item. Ceno note: As for the rest, these affixes either gave too little, statwise, or gave stats that were irrelevant anyways. We believed they were diluting the affix pool too heavily, so now you should be getting better drops simply because you won’t be seeing these anymore.
    [li]Many affixes with procs have had their cooldowns reduced by an average of 20%. Many of them have higher proc chances now as well. Those left out were done so with purposeful consideration. The Prefixes buffed are “Aetherfire, Enchanter’s, Frenzied, Frostborn, Glacial, Hellfire, Immovable, Incanter’s, Infernal, Keeper’s, Plaguebearer’s, Rimefrost, Stormcharged, Supercharged, Thunderstruck” [/li]and the Suffixes buffed are “of Aether Storms, of Annihilation, of Arcane Might, of Balanced Steel, of Battle Fury, of Binding, of Blight, of Corruption, of Death’s Chill, of Desolation, of the Grove, of Incineration, of Insight, of Kings, of Rituals, of Spectres, of Solael’s Malice, of Squalls, of the Abomination, of the Arcane Blaze, of the Cabal, of the Fallen Skies, of the Glacier, of the Hurricane, of the Winter Storm, of Torrents, of Voidfire
  • Prefix - Arsonist’s - Added %lightning and electrocute modifiers matching the fire and burn already there.
  • Prefix - Heretic’s - Added 25%/30%/36% Poison Damage with 0%/15%/20% Improved Duration to the 42/65/90 affixes.
  • Prefix - Wanderer’s - Added % health for the player.
  • Prefix - Warrior’s - Added 4% physique at ilvl 65.
  • Suffix - of Alacrity - Lowered attack speed about 41% on weapons and gloves. Jewelry left alone.
  • Suffix - of Amarasta’s Flurry - On armor, buffed %pierce dmg to the same value of %cold damage, then buffed both by 56%. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of Annihilation - Buffed spirit significantly. Replaced cast speed with a lesser amount of total speed.
  • Suffix - of Arcane Balance - For shields/jewelry/armor buffed %elmental/burn/electrocute/frostburn dmg by 56%. Left other slots alone.
  • Suffix - of Attack - Values on the jewelry/2h-weapon version bumped down 25%, 1h weapon version bumped down 20%.
  • Suffix - of Bestial Rage - Added flat hp up to 300 on 1 handers.
  • Suffix - of Binding - Added %total damage, %vitality resist, and flat hp for player
  • Suffix - of Celerity - lowered %cast speed about 50% on weapons and gloves. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of Cruelty - Removed % Damage to Beasts/Beastkin. Cruelty does not mean animal Cruelty, Crate. Added +skills bonus to Anatomy of Murder.
  • Suffix - of Destruction - Buffed %fire/lightning dmg by 56% on armor. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of Dreeg’s Gaze - Buffed %acid/poison dmg by 56% on armor. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of Fortification - DA now scales. No idea why devs had it at 8 at all levels.
  • Suffix - of Heroism - Buffed % physical and trauma damage by 72%.
  • Suffix - of Maiven’s Wit - Buffed %aether/lightning damage by 56%.
  • Suffix - of Murder - Asides from being generally potent, we can’t really have enemy heroes commonly getting +40% dmg against the player. It’s more burst than we can balance. Affix level scaling adjusted, max 40%->15% on one handers, 50%->20% on 2 handers. If this is still too strong we’ll nerf it further but maybe add another stat to compensate.
  • Suffix - of Oleron’s Wrath Buffed %physical damage by 65% on armor, left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of Piercing Darkness At ilvl50+ now gives %chaos resist.
  • Suffix - of Potency - Lowered HP by 25%. Energy values left unchanged as they aren’t that impactful. We nerfed this less because that way it’s only moderately/minorly worse than the “of vitality” suffix, but much better for players who feel their energy pool is too low. We will look at energy costs later >.>
  • Suffix - of Readiness - Lowered to approximate vanilla “of the Dranghoul” scaling for jewelry (This is a nerf). Unchanged on armor.
  • Suffix - of the Rifthound - On Weapons, added an on-attack heal proc to the rank 2-4 versions of the affix. On Jewelry, added % Poison/Acid Resistance to the rank 2-4 versions of the affix. On hand armor, added Increases Current Poison/Acid Resistance by % to the rank 2-4 versions of the affix. Reduced Attack Speed on the Jewelry and Hand armor versions. Is now a Rare affix.
  • Suffix - of Solael’s Malice - Buffed %vitality and chaos dmg by 56% on armor. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of the Bull - Lowered %physical dmg by 15% multiplicatively.
  • Suffix - of the Dranghoul - OA and DA to approximate vanilla “of readiness” scaling. About 10% - 15% more OA and 17% - 25% more DA for jewelry. Buffed OA and DA by 15% for armor. Buffed hp regen by a flat 5.
  • Suffix - of the Elements - Increased reflection significantly. Replaced cast speed with a lesser amount of attack speed. Added +Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange. At lvl 50+ it gains some elemental resist and +Overload. This was done to differentiate this from “of the Sage.”
  • Suffix - of the Flamecaller - Added Cooldown reduction! Excluding deviation, up to 4% on one handed weapons, up to 8% on foci and two handed weapons.
  • Suffix - of the Harbinger - Increased %Chaos and Vitality damage by 56%. Increased % Vitality Decay by 90%.
  • Suffix - of the Mountain - Converted to a rare affix. Buffed hp values 30% and added 4% physical resist. This is better than of Vitality now.
  • Suffix - of the Owl - Lowered cast speed scaling on gloves and weapons to 4%/5%/6%/7%. Left jewelry alone.
  • Suffix - of the Tortoise - At ilvl50+ bonus armor is replaced with %armor absorption.
  • Suffix - of the Wind - Converted to a rare affix. Now also gives a bit of spirit.
  • Suffix - of the Wolverine - Lowered OA by 18% on 1 handed weapons, 14% on 2 handed weapons.
  • Suffix - of Ulzuin’s Flame - Increased %fire/burn dmg ~56%. Added %fire resist at ilvl49+.
  • Suffix - of Vicious Barbs - Increased %bleed/pierce dmg by 56%. Increased hp by 25%.
  • Suffix - of Vitality - Lowered by 34%. If people are that desperate for hp that they’re stocking up on “of vitality”… a common magical suffix… then the problem is the lack of hp everywhere else. A magic suffix should not have such a huge impact on your character, in our opinion.
  • Suffix - of Voracity - Normalized the 1H attack speed to 10% at all levels. 2H to 17%. Added % Vitality Damage.

[Class & Skills]


Affliction: Node B - Added 60% pet poison damage and 1% pet OA.
Dying God: Node D - Added 65% pet chaos and vitality dmg.
Manticore: Node C - Added 75% pet acid damage and 5% pet total speed.
Spear of the Heavens: Node C - Added 175% pet lightning dmg
Widow: Arcane Bomb - Reverted back to vanilla Arcane Bomb. Increased radius 5 -> 5.5
Widow: Node A - Added 90% pet lightning damage.

[li]Hellfire Aura: Lowered %hp bonus by 33%.[/li]

  • Cadence: Tripled energy cost.
  • Fighting Form: Doubled the projectile launch rotation of FF (so that shotgunning needs you to be closer (10 degrees -> 20)), rescaled Projectile Launch count, Projectile Piercing starts at 3% and goes up to 10% at level 22/12, an 80% reduction.
  • Shred: Changed to a 2H Ranged-only transmuter. Reworked.


  • Storm Surge - Reduced Projectile Piercing chance by 40% mutliplicatively at all ranks.


  • Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange - Reduced the bonus one-out-of-these-three fire/lightning/cold damage by 70%. I accidentally made this thing a monster. Don’t worry it’s still a good deal stronger than Solael’s. Woops.
  • Overload - Reduced Burn/Electrocute/Frostburn damage by about 20%.

Old Version: v0.2
Development Thread: Development Thread

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can I simply update my game to use cornucopia v0.2K to v0.3.1 and continue using my current character or do I need to start over again?

that’s a lot reading there :rolleyes:

thank you for delivering this :smiley:


Interesting changes so far.
Thanks for your great work on the mod :smiley:

Even though this mod is more like a community’s choice than what dev has in mind but I’m really loving it so far.
You’re giving community a big choice of how they want to enjoy the game. :wink:

Thank you for the superb effort in trying to balance the stats and items. With where things are, would life steal% be considered too powerful?

Just update. You will NEVER have to start over again unless we explicitly say so in the opening post.

Not at all. Screw the community, all we’re doing is building the mod the way we want to enjoy the game, and anyone from the community who likes what we like is going to like the mod. Any time you’ve seen me implement something that was suggested by a forum member, it was only because both Ceno and I agreed with said member and/or had already contemplated a similar change already. There have been suggestions that we’ve shot down or ignored. I mean, you can see it however you like but we don’t give an iota of care for what the majority want. At the end of the day we’re building a Grim Dawn for ourselves… also as much as we’re buffing everything for now… come version .4/5/6 we will probably start buffing the enemies/making things harder… probably… we may start even later. Then again we don’t ever plan on making the main content tooo hard… side-content/challenge dungeons/rare heroes should be the hardest content, with special rewards :] Point is, community hates nerfs but they are on our agenda, as we love smart nerfs.

Perhaps I over ranted but I feel labeling it a community choice mod does us a disservice.

You’re very welcome.

A couple versions ago we would have told you, no way in hell, but in they made life steal a lot more viable again. So… we may have to tone down a lot of life steal values. I’m sure plenty of things are over-tuned right now in our mod, but try to understand that we’re still in a phase of “make sure everything that was shit-tier is raised to viable/good.” After we feel that everything in the game is where it should be or too good, we’ll start toning down the too good.

It’s a bottom up approach… and I’m getting off topic from your question.
The short answer is : maybe. I’m playing cadence right now and the life steal feels too strong… but my particular build is particularly synergetic. I have to try a couple more cadence builds before I can make a verdict on cadence’s life-steal…

Do us a favor and make some characters with life-steal and test for us, and share your character when they’re lvl 75+. That’ll help us know. Is life-steal too powerful? We’d like to know that ourselves XD

Oh my bad.
I may not even know what “community choice” really mean :cry:

I’m not a native speaker and I haven’t spent much time in gaming community to know what it really is and how it would make you feel if your work is ever called that. Sorry for that.

But what I really meant to say is this mod is really good and I am pretty sure that many people loves it the way it is and probably the way it is going to be.And thanks for all your dedications to this mod, it really does matter.:smiley:

I figured it was a matter of something being lost in translation. No worries. Thanks for the support.

and when I said

“this mod is more like a community’s choice than what dev has in mind”

I meant that this mod makes GD more close to community’s expectation than how GDdev’s attemp on rebalancing does.
Hope I didn’t give the wrong idea of unappreciation.

Lol man I never thought you didn’t appreciate it. I thought you were implying that we simply throw in whatever the community wants. I just misunderstood you.

And I dunno about that. I think the devs have a similar vision, though with more emphasis on a stat wall than we have… but they just don’t have the time to test and test and test and test everything for themselves while simultaneously trying to pump out content. If you read up on what Medierra has written about what he wants out of balance… it’s more or less what we’re aiming for too, anyway if you feel the need to, please continue this discussion in the other thread. This thread is primarily for feedback or questions related to this version. Not development discussions.

Thanks so much for the information ;).
I guess I somewhat fall behind on the development section.
I’ll try catching up better in the future. :smiley:

the download link still download v02. Is this normal?

Yup. See, we learned if we changed the name of the folder, you will lose all your blueprints and transfer stashes. So… Cornucopia will be Cornucopia002 from now until forever. Ha!

Thanks for mentioning this, I’m going to put a disclaimer up.

got it, cheers!

gloves got casting speed and attack speed. is there any spesific reason why boots didn’t get movement speed ?

and also do you planning to give another item permanent buff ?
for ex :
heavy armor get have HP stat (not physique)
standard armor get % chance to dodge
light armor get some damage resistant

This impression i get after what you did to glove, and rifle. :wink:

No. Not, no we won’t. But no, we don’t have plans to. We did this for gloves because of the large disparity between gloves that have speed vs. Those that don’t. We changed rifles because of the disparity between pistols and rifles.

Boots don’t need movespeed, despite it being annoying not to have it there it doesn’t kill your build. Though I personally do think move speed is powerful so we will take a look.

Tldr; maybe to boots. Unlikely we will do anything to heavy armor.

Do 1-h pistols have higher attack speed then 2h rifle ?
also and chance of increasing the animation speed or a other solution of dw drawing ?

Substantially higher.