GD Lootology - A comprehensive guide on useful/informative topics

With this thread I want to collect and categorize all kind of useful and informative topics across the forums so there’s less need to sticky over 9000 threads to the top of the forums. If you think this guide is missing something just let me know. I try to keep it up to date as far as possible. Any kind of constructive feedback is appreciated.
Let’s go.

P.S.: I’m not a native speaker. If you happen to find any weird phrasing let me know so I can improve it.

  • All Build Compendiums - A compilation of all the great character build guides for the current and prior versions of the game.


Thank you for taking the time to do this.

P.S.: Sehr geil, wirklich.

Vote 4 sticky.

Thanks. I came up with this idea in another thread where we were discussing to have less stickied threads in the sub-forums. The Lootology guide should contain all stickied topics of the Gameplay Discussion section and most of the other sections so the moderators can unsticky most of them and make the forums clearer again.

IMHO, I think that “Even more info on Grim Dawn #1” should really be “The Official Game Guide”. This seems more descriptive and clear.

I think the “GD Developer Stream” url should be, aka Dev Stream: Offline?

Good idea. I’ve changed that.

Yeah, the thread I linked didn’t look like a topic related to streaming at all. :smiley: Thanks.

Nice!!! will fav this for sure

Nice job!
You may also want to add this thread which I find really useful

Oh! thanxs for the work! its Incredible! very usefull

Thanks, I’ve added the topic.

This build compendium is now out of date - now on compendium IV -

Thanks, I’ve changed it accordingly. :slight_smile:

Very cool summary, thanks !!!

One question though: I just came back after a long hiatus, so don’t know anything about the Crucible add-on. I kind of expected a link to a guide about it here, but it seems there isn’t. Is there such a guide? Because I think that would definitely earn it’s place here.

Note that I’m aware that there is already a section in the official game guide devoted to the Crucible. But that one just gives the technical details on what’s in the game mode. I’d think that there is also a guide on tactics to use, when to get into the Crucible, which defenses to take, … that sort of stuff.

Ditto, what he said :slight_smile: