GD Stash Changer

Hey guys,
I was not satisfied with what community could offer as unlimited stash stuff, so i made small tool, which happens to be quite good :smiley:


i’ve made a description as a steam guide, so i hope you’re not as lazy as i am to go there and read stuff :smiley:

GDSC on Steam

But here is core features at least

  • Unlimited named stashes
  • Easy access during the game
  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Does not mod the game - so you can play with any ppl
  • Simple core mechanic - less room for bugs
  • Will work for all future GD versions
  • Portable
  • A bit of customization - names, colors, icons
  • Source Code by request

If you’re not as smart as Einstein i recommend you to read “how to use” and “warning” sections before trying GDSC, though the tool is quite simple actually (for Einstein)

and download link

ah, yea, and

Updated 28.07.2019: support for 6-tabs unlocked new stashes
v1.1 @ 17.09.2019:

  • hotkeys now work just when you set them, without need of restarting app
  • there is an option to skip confirmation when changing stash by hotkey
  • window position and size now saved between runs

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Wrong subforum by the way. Should probably have tried for Utilities and Resources, not Modding - Projects.

pretty much, which in turn is basically an UI around copy & paste in Windows Explorer :wink:

yea, looks like it
you guys should mention it in this topic
the 2 things there about stash is useless - the one on java just doesnt work, one mod - makes MP unaccessible
and the best variant is skipped

no idea what you are talking about, it works just fine

If you have a problem, then maybe you should ask for help in its thread :wink:

A good alternative to Grim Dawn Stash Manager … Good Job !


Is there a way to make this to work with mods too ?
(changing the transfer.gst file location in options is futile)


does this stash manager work with Mods too? (cornucopia e.g.)

Thanks in advance.

Fantastic … works with mods

Need add load unload/curent stash option or button

Just double-click whatever stash you want to load

Excellent thanks for this mod

Does it still work?

The author indicates work for all future GD versions and I comfirme it is ok for v1.0.0.9.

Does not appear to. Ate my storage and replaced it with a blank one (not entirely unexpected). But it also doesn’t actually swap to different storage items either. You can double-click all you want, nothing happens to the storage that GD sees.

are you using cloud save ?

The tool just is a UI for copy & paste, so it should always work. Working with cloud save on the other hand…

Nope. Local files. It found them just fine. But I did my own testing on it. I took a valid, working transfer file, copied it to a subfolder, made changes to the transfer file in GD, moved the copied file back, and ended up with a blank, empty, reset transfer storage file.

It was very strange, and I’m not sure what to make of that behavior.


Disregard. There was something fishy goin’ on with the path directory. It appears to be working for me now.

Thanks for the tool ! Very simple, far easier to use and way less bugged than GD Stash.
A way to categorize stashes would be perfect ;).

what bugs are you referring to ?

As this tool is just a UI for copy & paste, it definitely is very simplistic and barely has to do anything. Personally I rather use copy & paste directly, but to each his own.

Well, I played Titan Quest for a while, and TQVault was a must-have. I really liked the GUI : you just have to drag’n’drop items between characters inventories and TQVault files. Very easy (and intuitive) to use.

GD Stash changer is nice because that’s easy to use too : you just have to close stash, double-click on the stash you need, and you have direct in-game access to your items. And, again, drag’n’drop items you need.

About bugs … well, it may be a little off-topic, but … GD Stash won’t launch 99% of the time (I tried to launch it, without success, a few minutes before writing this message - nothing happens, but in some cases, just a message “a Java exception has occured” or “main class of GDStash.jar not found” appears at random), is hard to use (it’s not intuitive, I miss the easiness of TQVault), not adapted to my screen (some informations are hidden on my 1366*768px screen) …

Well, it has some interesting features, like items generation, but I’m only looking for inventory management tools. And GD Stash changer is very convenient for me. Even if copying/pasting was already possible, it made it faster and easier.

that is on your end, it launches each time for me. Not even sure how it can not find the main class, it is specified per the Java convention, this definitely is an issue on your end… try the executable to see if that fixes it

As to intuitive, yes, it is not drag and drop. You select an item and press a button to store it in the DB (as there is nowhere to drag to), or you select it from the search result and click on an empty spot in your stash.
I do not consider either harder or less intuitive than dragging & dropping though, just different :wink:

not adapted to my screen (some informations are hidden on my 1366*768px screen) …

yes, the screens are a bit large for that, change the font and image size to see if that helps. At e.g. 10 pixel font and 75% image scale the transfer window does mostly fit, but the screens are not really meant for that size, they contain more information than would fit into that.
I aim to keep everything in 1920x1080, ideally 1680x1050

Even if copying/pasting was already possible, it made it faster and easier.

my rule for using a tool is, can it do something I cannot otherwise do or does it make something a lot easier / faster than it otherwise would be.

To me any stash changer is a strong no on either. It is not actually any faster for me, nor does it do anything I cannot already do without it just as easily.

If it works for you, use it, nothing wrong with that obviously. I was more interested in what ‘way less bugged’ referred to.