GD SynergiesMOD

I think he could have just said “you can’t learn or be taught talent, so demonstrate you have some first,” and summed it up. He’s scarred by his experiences and wanted to blow off some steam it seems, but poor art contributions would not take much of salan’s time to address (i.e. dismiss), nor any of his money. It can’t hurt to send him a few icons for consideration.

My frustration is over getting ripped off and dicked around by 5+ “artists” and yeah I’m bitter. Unfortunately some things can’t be taught and it is better to see work done first. Games are harder for artists because there is a technical challenge, and with every artist there was a lot of art that simply did not pass the tech specs (supposed to be 64x64 pixels and they give me 100x90, etc).

My bitterness is aimed at the guy who says I just fail as a project manager, and that the responsibility is my own. Considering I made video guides on how to play “little miss dress me up” in Daz3d and 2 people didn’t even bother to watch them, I don’t carry that burden. 2 people flat out stole from me, that’s not a project management issue.

Keep in mind, this isn’t my mod and I’m not the person who decides who works with whom. I humbly suggest it is better to try and make some art first. I put a tex tutorial out there. Making icons has a slightly different process and there are technical issues. I’m no longer in the “sharing mood” on how to get around all of this stuff though. I spent 10 hours figuring something out, maybe someone else will too.

Salan, I’m so glad to hear from you again after all this time.
I’d been playing your TL2Synergies for almost a year, it was really fun and well-made, considerably one of the masterpieces of modding for me.

I am really looking forward to GDSynergies, if you decide to do it, it would probably be a great gift for all Grim Dawn players. :smiley:

Well, I didn’t check this most of the day, but I had some awesome progress.

Downloaded the game again, and the asset manager loads up all good.

Started playing through the game with my daughter (again), always need a MP game to test mods with, and a girl for the right amount of ‘OH MY GOD YOU DIDN’T JUST DO THAT TO ME’ screaming…

on the part of the artist, I have contacts for all the stuff I had made for me from TL2, I just figured new project, new potentials, ask here to see what was around.

I am a really really bad artist, i can edit, but i can’t make.

I got really lucky with my mod in the area of attracting art work, I have heard and seen horror stories when it comes to good coders/developers needing artists. I’d be bitter if I was screwed too, and I don’t hold that against anyone for needing to vocalize. But now that its out, perhaps this thread can continue on its happy way for all involved.

Dang, I loved the synergies mod and the Paladin!!

Very good to see you here as well, made me register since now i know this game is getting a good community!

Unfortunately i cannot dedicate time to get modding knowledge but i will def follow yours! Keep it up!

I posted this in the end game ideas thread about a month or so ago.

I guess this is a case of ask and you shall receive! Glad to have you Salan. Can’t wait to see what you put together for Grim Dawn. Raid tiers inc!

Been working on the ground work for the mod, getting use to the tools, working on mob editing, additional new mobs, new skills, new bosses, and checking out how monsters spawn and such.

tools are great, so much more indepth then what I am use to. I love the ‘teams’ and reputations.

You just gave me a big hype. :wink:

And with what the community has been digging up from the old TQ days and adapt them for GD, even more tools and more functionality, this is going to be great!

Do you think you will create your mod around Project Cornucopia (since this is mostly going to be big balance changes/gameplay changes)?

GD synergies could be the greatest thing to happen to this Genre… just saying, id happily throw money at it

I won’t step on other modders toes by any means, I’ll even help people where I can. I’m still learning these tools tho, far from the best at them at any rate atm :slight_smile:

If you’re making a synergies mod
I would prefer that you can comfortable use your own idea than having to worry about other mods/modders.
Many rebalance/overhaul mods to choose from would really be great.

But that’s just my opinion. :wink:

I want to see beyond legendary class items,

OOPs (out of place) items


and maybe some amazingly awesome and hard boss fights like the tentacle demon fight in the T2 end dungeon of synergies

what would be great to see is a form of endgame raids like tl2. Well better than great.

Hey Salan!

I shouldn’t be surprised. It was actually your post in the Synergies forums that made me even know this game existed, and I’ve been playing ever since.

I have a request, as always anyone will, but right now I’m enjoying this game vanilla before I start to looks at tweaks to make in the “I wish…” realm of things.

I’m no artist, but I am a web developer, and if there is ever a way I can help you out let me know. If I don’t know it already, I don’t mind learning.

What’s an out of place item? Like an F-22 pet summon, or an equipable shoulder-fired missile?

Any uptades about this?

Super excited to read this.

Yes those are valid OOPs. also:

the keyboard on your desk right now for example.

if you have played star ocean 3. they go into out of place items quite thoroughly.

Wtf Salan is joining the party! What a pure investment GrimDawn will become!