GD2 - Crate should stay silent or not?

Just because people disagree with you, does’t mean they’re not friendly. You have the holy Paladin’s zeal for the game and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Crappy or not…the problem is that nobody (not counting Crate itself) knows about the goals, the financial situation, the plans, etc.

Promoting just for “Promoting” doesn´t have to be something good. It´s all about the RoI. And I don´t just think about money, but time, etc, too.

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It’s not so much that we get harsh… it’s that after a while El Zantai rubs off on us and we tend to simply be ultra-realistic concerning the reality of how things actually go versus the fantasy that some of you prefer to try to feed yourselves :wink:

We don’t bring you down to be mean… we’re just as big of fans as everyone else around here - probably bigger in most cases actually. You don’t sit around giving Crate hell for year after year and not figure out how shit actually works. Well, some people don’t but I ain’t some people.

Don’t worry about it much tho. When Crate is ready to say something they’ll say it and not until that point.


Dont worry I dont mean anything. I know Crate knows their stuff and Im just a paranoid random dude here who becomes anxious when im not seeing Crate live up to their full deserved potential but just my opiniom anyway which im not actually entitled to and have no rights to begin with as Im a just a small time member, a crappy personality I have turned to be the more so since. i have stopped worshipping paladins.

I hope at the end of the day they continue making the games we love so we can continue to thrive here discuss “crappy things” till our last breath.

Crate give us 3 expansion and I’ll be very happy. This time snow, mountains.


Well, one thing Crate has already achieved for me:

Whatever they will make in the future, it will be like this:


im going crazy so please dont even start discussing an expansion :rofl:

There is only one solution: Titan Quest 2 - Immortal Gods

to be honest I would prefer that myself over a GD2 cause i would like to see Crate’s take on a different setting. But we know its not happening due to a different company holding rights to that title now

Exactly. Crate bought the rights to use the old TQ engine, but Iron Lore never owned the rights to TQ in the first place. That was owned by THQ who they made the game for. Nordic bought those rights when TQH folded some years back.

Crate is a small team. Give them sufficient time to recharge as long as they need. I’m sure GD2 would be more than great until they make a announcement in the future. It’s worth waiting.

about advertisement, i think i saw medierra or some other crate dev saying that they once paid several game articles website to promote grim dawn. but after some time, they stop promoting gd and ask crate for moar $. crate decided to stop using their services for a while and just let gd spread its awesomeness through fan advertisings.
imo, it worked pretty well. crate doesn’t need to spend lots of $ to advertise gd, since loyal fans already done that work themselves. I’m sure GD 2 will get lots of fan advertisings once crate started releasing roadmaps/trailers/early builds.

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From 8th December 2018 stream:

“And in terms of advertising I think that, unless you throw a lot of money at it, it doesn’t work quite as well as you think. These days advertising is actually a pretty complicated beast. In olden times you’d contact all the big video game sites, pay them for articles, pay them for some advertising and you get the hype you want. These days you’ve got Twitch, you’ve got YouTube, you’ve got all sorts of servers streaming, you’ve got game websites, everyone has their own blog, Reddit, all that stuff is where players hang out. They’re no longer focussed on one thing they’re seeing and it’s not so simple as just throwing money at it and seeing what happens. It’s not like it used to be.”


Well, don’t let the success of certain few Games mislead yourself and look at this stuff more realistic. 2M even “nowdays” is a pretty high number which can be already considered as high or best selling. Majority of the Games which are considered as that have Numbers from 2M up to 5 or even a bit higher. And don’t forget in case of Grim Dawn we talk about a single Plattform. Even more “Mainstream” Modern Games on more plattforms available can struggle with such numbers. And Games which sells like 10M up to 30M Copies are absolutely rare and mostly across more than one single plattform.

We could now start a argument about “but Diablo 3 & Path of Exile”, but than we have to talk about that both of these Games have different target audiences. PoE is f2p, and D3 is easy accessable(plus Diablo brand). 2M for a Indie-Game, which wants to offer a more traditional experience and compete with such big Monsters, on a single plattform, is absolutely amazing.

Well, and maybe i’m wrong in this aspect, but i thought since the beginning that majority of us People here and Fans of this Game love Grim Dawn exactly for this Reason, to not being overly modern but rather traditional. No Forced Online-Only, no “over the top” MTX, no Seasons and such nonsense, simple classic and traditional ARPG, where you aren’t forced to play at specific times to get exclusive Goodies but rather get the full-experience, everytime you boot t he Game up. Fair and content-rich expansions, a fair priced Endgame DLC, and also a fair priced Skin-Bundle for people who want to support Crate. What you call “aging” is for me a fresh breath of air because in all this modernized standart madness we still get a classic and traditional game. And don’t get me wrong in this regard, i also enjoy more modern ARPGs and some of it’s strenght, but it’s still nice to have a classic oriented game.

Well tbh, besides the obvious Diablo 4, i really can’t wait to dig into Wolcen and especially Last Epoch.
Sure Wolcen have lost a few / lot potential since they scrapped some features, but after playing beta and see how they finally make some progress, it feels pretty solid. And Last Epoch did surprise me after seeing how much progress they did in a single year. I hated the alpha demo, still kept an eye on, but the Beta so far was a blast.

If it really will compete against GD, D3 and such we’ll see, but i’m pretty optimistic that further down the road i will kinda talk about my top 5 instead of my top 3 ARPGs (GD, D3, TL2) once they are released. (And as side note, why i didn’t put D1/2 into the list, i kinda prefer to have only one Game from a series in my favorite list, so other Games have a chance too).


Sounds like something those investors would have said to Medierra before he turned their offers down :wink:

Given the fact that Crate doesn’t have Tencent money like GGG or Activision money like Blizzard, they are doing quite well don’t you think?

It’s like Biggie Smalls once said, “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

Forced games aren’t good

POE started as a indie company and thrive to become a very big game. Grim dawn haven’t become that because it didnt attract that much people and wasnt fF2P. POE is older than Grim dawn and we will have to wait at least a few years before Grim dawn become dominant like POE or not.

There is a GDC talk about POE and you guys should look how hard it was for them just to keep players playing even with new content.

I don’t want this game to be compared to other games because this game is unique. I believe Zantai has a planned update in the future which requires time to implement that plan. I personally like the constellation system. Although I don’t really like dungeons that are currently available But I dare to say that I love this game and still waiting for updates, including the next DLC. [sorry for language because I use google translate from Thai to Eng]


I would like to believe that a major announcement will be made by beginning of next year, whatever it may be, we can only hope its gd related

Crate has had this success thus far cause:

  1. They made a phenomenal game, backed up by players in kickstarter (more than expected ) and excellent continued development and support of the game

  2. Strong Business acumen.

You can bet Medierra knows exactly what it takes to overreach and mess up a good project. Getting over excited about the success of a project is the perfect way to mess things up. They prefer consistency over grand gestures imo and that is what players want from a dev as well