What a pain in the…

Anyways glassware is both a luxury product and a super useful preserves ingredient. But! It’s just freaking impossible to produce or import endless amounts of it (or sand to produce enough of it), to provide a steady supply chain of preserves for pop!!

And…because we are not here to sob, but to actually give feedback, ideas and solutions, here is what could be considered by devs.

Glassware is a super reliable product. Actually, both the most hygiene friendly and the most durable. That is why, it can be reused and/or recycled! Properly processed glassware can serve for ages to store all kinds of jams and salted goodies! That is why it shouldn’t be spoiled or disposed of into the void! Of course it could still be broken by careless villagers or accidents and that should definitely count for glassware stockpiles decrease!

It just could be wise to stock the settlement with the needed amount of glassware (an actually big amount of it, for each household and marketplace) BUT, make the production curb once the needed stockpile is fulfilled, in order to produce just enough in late game, to sustain that huge stockpile! Not just like now, where the glassware would magically disappear into the void and require you to provide endless supply! Something which of course is never enough, thus making a joke out of preserves as a resource!


You’re talking about recycling in the colonial days, and yet only 31% of glass is recycled in the USA today, after decades of curbside recycling.


Not the type of recycling you mean…
By recycling I mean wash the glassware and use again…


He’s not actually talking about recycling but about reuse.

And yes especially in colonial days, glassware was so precious that even the idea of throwing off not broken glassware without cleaning and reusing it would’ve been pure idiocy.


Even today after buying something in a glass container I will wash it clean and use to make pickles or just as containers for screws, nuts ect. I would be suprised if it didn’t happen almost always when glass was far more expensive, at least for most of households.

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Maybe the glassware could be returned at a randomic ratio between 50% and 80% each time it’s used. Precious as we want, but still fragile glass.


I was surprised to see how glassware spoils in the game.
Glass can brake of course but that’s not the same ratio (1 drinking glass every 10 years, the rest I believe I never broke).

It’s a recent habit to think about glass as easily replaceable and throw it into a container.where it’s broken and needs recycling rather than reuse … but not very sustainable.

The point in this thread is simple. Just rethink the idea of glassware production ratio and stockpiling. That’s it. Without shy excuses to throw it in void, just make it more realistic. Can you imagine any household use the jam and throw the glass container afterwards those times? You would have to pay your ass to get your hands on something as expensive as glass product! Even so, few people would do so.

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In another thread I suggested that “glass” be split up into two usable items: some form of “luxury glass” like crystal or some such thing and the other to be used as jars for preserves. That way the same generic product of “glass” won’t be used as both a luxury and as an item for preserves.

To use glass as a luxury item when the same glass is used for preserves would spark in me the idea that someone places some jars on a shelf somewhere and covets them.

“My PRECIOUS Jar! How I love thee!”

But we must also remember that this is still early access and having the people take glass as a luxury item could also mean that they’re using it as a possible placeholder for something else to be released in the future. We shall see.


Glassware should function similarly to barrels, with a percentage decay through use. Same with Pottery.

Barrels for meat, fish, beer, decaying non-food goods.
Glassware for vegetables and fruits.
Pottery for grains, wine.
Linen Sacks for flour.


I was thinking the same thing. I get that without having to wait for glass shipments and sand vendors you’d have “too much money”, but there has got to be a better money sink.

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Even so, you would still need a steady supply of sand or ready to be used glassware. Not only you cannot buy it from every trader, but also the traders bring sand and other resources in random (as I have seen so far) cycles, making steady supply just impossible.

I’m for the idea of reusing glass especially.

Or the chance of reusing it. I’d be down for it as I’m having really bad sand spawns on my current map and the traders are only having 200ish sand to buy randomly.

If a home has preserves maybe have used glass as a waste option that can be picked up to go back to the preservist building? Could even tie it into education: a basic education and above and there’s a modifier giving a better chance of reusing glass as opposed to what I imagine as “I broke it and so I threw it out of my window :rofl:”; villagers learning the importance of not wasting, which is a pretty big theme in lots of medieval fantasy and even in our own medieval periods–very little went to waste, especially with peasantry as they couldn’t afford to.

I have a population of over 900, 3 preserve buildings, 3 glass factories and a few sand pits. I still run short of glass but can easily make up any shortfall from visiting merchants. Interesting comments about reusable glass and maybe they could introduce some mechanism to reduce stock depletion by the preservers. Also like the idea of making decorative glassware as a luxury item.

Have you ever held or used old glass? Those old pieces were insanely well made, incredibly thick and quite durable. They were made that way on purpose. A luxury item, but typically a very sturdy one.

Yes, exactly that! Just like with glass, I find it weird that pottery is just a luxury product in this game, while historically pottery was a huge invention for any stone age/bronze age society, because it enabled them to preserve food longer.
Maybe pottery and glassware could also serve the role of barrels but for private homes, so food lasts longer there.


The concept of glass breaking and becoming unusable can be implemented very easily. Just give glass an 80% chance of surviving whenever the food contained within is consumed, so there will still be the need to produce more glass to compensate for the glass ‘breaking’, but most of the glass is just reused.

And just as the blacksmith and the foundry and other buildings make more than one product, our glassmaker(s) could make both daily-use glass and crystal as a luxury item, and help keep the villagers’ happiness level up.


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