GOG Key Status

So the latest news is that, due to confusion, technical issues and medical emergencies, the GOG and DLC keys that were supposed to go out Thursday ahead of the GOG release were delayed (full details re-posted below from another thread). Humble believes they will be able to do the automated key send-out to everyone later today. The good news is, until that happens, for people who don’t want to wait, Humble is willing to manually process requests for GOG keys.

Note - this is for website / KS backers only and you will need to provide the email you used when backing. The offer is to receive a GOG key in exchange for your Steam keys. If you haven’t claimed a Steam key, Humble will just disable that option and send you a GOG key. If you’ve already activated the game on Steam, they can have your Steam key disabled in exchange for a GOG key. Basically, it’s a choice of one key or the other. Here is a link to the form:

https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (You’ll that it says to expect a 5-day response time but these requests are being expedited and generally it is taking only a couple hours)

DLC keys have proven more complicated for them to configure but it sounds like they’re close and I’m hoping those will go out early next week.

[Details from a different thread]
Humble originally said keys would be ready to go out Thursday, while GOG was estimating Friday to go live. The keys actually went live late Wednesday night by accident and I found out because someone posted about it. However, when I looked at the store pages, things were totally screwed up, so I reported it, Humble quickly reverted it and started working on fixing things. Unfortunately, the guy working on it was very sick and, no joke, ended up being taken to the ER on Thursday.

Mainly the DLC part is messed up, so I asked if we could just get the GOG keys out and sort the DLC out afterwards. I’m hoping that will happen today but I haven’t heard from Humble yet. They’re 3 hours behind us.

Meanwhile, we’ve been going back and forth with GOG all week with little issues in their build / with their system. I wasn’t even sure if they were going to be ready to launch today, which is why I haven’t said anything about it. At the last minute, they confirmed a working build. However, they’re 6 or 7 hours ahead of us, so noon for them is 5-6am for us and I was asleep. I had suggested we just give access to backers once they have keys to help test the build before it was made available to the public but they ended up pushing the game out and I was not aware when it was going to happen until after it had already gone live.

I’m still trying to sort this out… :furious::o:cry:

I’m trying to get in contact with Humble and get an ETA on keys. Hopefully it will be soon.

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I have several Steam keys, some I want to keep, others I want to disable. Any way to figure out which account uses which key ?

Back then it sounded like they were beta keys only, so I did not pay close enough attention to them :wink:

I think you truly have done just about everything you can. Seems like a good case of “hurry up and wait”.

Hopefully you can escape with your family for a small vacation after you get this all sorted out!

I red somwhere that there is no possibility to view the key on steam. But I am not sure.

If you provide the email used when purchasing the keys / backing on KS, they should be able to look up your information and see the keys you received. If you don’t remember though, I’m not sure how you can know which Steam account they were activated on. I can’t remember if there is a way to see your actual key on Steam?

I have checked that on some forums that it is not possible. I tried it by myself, no succes. Maybe through their support.

I know the keys I have received, I do not know which key is used by which Steam account, some accounts should keep using their keys, others should not, so they can instead be used on GOG.

So I have two options

  • figure out exactly which keys to deactivate on Steam
  • disable them all and reactivate some (and only get GOG keys for some, not all Steam keys)

If I disable a Steam key, can I enable it again later ?

Can I rely on Humble not screwing up and sending GOG keys for all Steam keys ? :wink:

EDIT: wow, just used the link in the first post to contact Humble, “Current expected wait time for first response is 5+ business days.”…

“Current expected wait time for first response is 5+ business days.”

So that’s not really an option if you want your key faster… guess we’ll just have to wait again, and hope this sorts itself out.

Well that could explain what may have happened in my case then. I received a prompt to choose between Steam and GOG codes on my Humble Bundle account a few days back. I chose the Steam Patron DLC codes, grabbed them, used mine and gave the other to my friend (since I had a Co-Op bundle). I made a thread about it as well as contacted support due to the codes having the Patron bonuses but not the Kickstarter Medals, which then stirred up more confusion. The codes are no longer on my Humble Bundle account, they simply disappeared, so I assume they were removed with everything else.

I’m guessing this means I have codes (and features) that aren’t supposed to be released yet. I may not be the only one, either. Do we know if that’ll have any effect on the official release of them in the near future, functionality-wise?

If you disable a key on Steam, it can’t be re-enabled so far as I know. If it could, I don’t think Humble could do it - only Steam. So disabling all of them is not really an option. Maybe Steam support can help you sort it out?

Do i understand this right?
Humble will email all KS backers regarding the possibility of receiving a gog key, and in my case since i had activated the early acess key will offer me the option to receive a gog key in trade for disabling the steam key.
Since i have a steam key activated on my Humble account for GD, i wont receive an email and will have instead to use the contact form to request that trade?

I guess we will find out, thanks

I’ll send out an update to KS backers about this option. Those who haven’t already redeemed a Steam key will see a choice to redeem Steam or GOG on their page (once that goes live). People who have redeemed a Steam key will be able to email them and request a swap.


I haven’t claimed my Humble steam key from when I bought the loyalist edition back in 2013. However, when I go to my Humble account, if I go to the “Keys”, and click Grim Dawn, it shows that I haven’t redeemed my steam key, but I have for early access (Makes sense since the access key is what I used to play back in build 23), however when I click “Purchases”, it reveals the key, even though I didn’t explicitly redeem it (Thus I never used it on Steam).

I definitely want to use whatever DRM-free mechanism you have available so if GOG is the way we are going with this, I would want to trade in this Steam key for the GOG one.

I did buy a copy of Grim Dawn for my sister on Steam, if I use the GOG release, would I still be able to LAN and online Multi with her? Reason I ask is since Grim Dawn was based on TQ’s Engine, I remember TQ Retail Release and TQ Steam Releases weren’t normally able to play with each other.

If i wanted to install the game in two different locations, one to keep original and one to use for modding, would i have to trade my steam key for a gog key or is that possible with steam already?


Just to make sure since all this talk about backers-only is confusing my poor little head :slight_smile: But, i bought the game from the website very recently and never was a KS backer. However, i suppose the same rule applies for cases like mine ? If i didn’t activate the steam key on humblebundle, which i didn’t, i should automatically be getting a GOG key in that same account shortly ?

If my experience from a couple days ago is any indication, the system for choosing isn’t actually up yet. The alpha/beta code I used way back when was from a page that looked just like that. Then, a couple days ago, when I checked my Humble Bundle account I had a prompt asking me to choose between Steam and GOG. I chose Steam, and then I was given a Patron DLC code.

If I’m understanding all this correctly that system wasn’t supposed to go live yet. My HB page now looks exactly the same as yours, and the Patron DLC codes I received have disappeared.

Give it some time, they need to finish everything up and reactivate the system I suspect.

So, what should I put under HumbleBundle request form for

What can we help you with? and

What specifically are you writing in about?

The rest of the fields after that pretty much just I have give my reason, but i have no issue with that.

Thanks again for all the effort into making this happen, Crate. :smiley:

I hope that the poor guy will be fine.

Thanks for the update, haven’t claimed the Steam key so I’ll wait patiently for my GOG key.
I’m sorry for all the unwarranted flak you take about the DRM-free version. :o

Unwarranted? Hah! You’re quite the guy :wink:

Like the old ancestral proverb says: “Ba gindestete cu capul; ori iesti un bou or iti bati joc de noi.”