Gold Is Still Global?

Devs have known about this issue since last year and it’s still a problem in 0.9?

When you start to piss off the bigger youTubers it’s not good.

His comment on the gameplay:

Devs not fixing really broken things which ruin gameplay and adding more new stuff is borderline incompetence I believe. I made a rightful post in the Dev branch the other week but things are really starting to stack up now.

Good news then, because the limbo storage in the Trading Post is fixed in v0.9.1, which is now in playtesting.

Not sure why it didn’t make the patch notes unless I’m missing something?

It’s in the major features:

OK my bad on that one. I didn’t read those lines to mean ‘global gold’

There was never such a thing as global storage in the game.

What happened with the Trading Post was that anything transferred Out of it would end up in a hidden storage within the building because the game did not have a system for transferring resources between storage buildings. So effectively any items removed from the Trading Post would still be inside it, but accessible to the villagers to use in the town. In the case of gold, it was available for paying soldiers/upkeep/etc. But this meant that the Trading Post was particularly vulnerable to raiders because none of those items were ever redistributed around town, even if they were “moved” according to the top resource bar.

With v0.9.1, the game now has storage limits and villagers can redistribute items between buildings. This means any items transferred out of the Trading Post now also get moved to an appropriate storage building (ex. the vault).

Zantai I hope you can comment on his video. He was pretty upset about it.

Suppose I can!