Good advice for a new player?

I don’t know how to write spoliers, so here’s my answer. In GD there’s variety of enemies races and they are common in the specific area. In Warden Krieg cellar and some early stages there’s abundance of them. Also there is one Boss you need to kill later on main quest path. There’s also famous hidden boss. Also lother insects enemies. But I don’t think there are other areas with many spiders :thinking:

If you are afraid of spiders, @jiaco once wrote a mod that made them all really small. Dunno that it still works anymore tho plus you’d have to play custom games to use it OR learn how to merge mods to override the Main Campaign…something I still need to learn how to do someday.

@nery: I will replace the “i’s” in “spoilers” with 1’s so you can see how to do it


@jiaco: I get the pun. good 1 m8


your advice is helpfull for me thanks for sharing ,i think this is a great advice for a beginner player thanks again

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Hey, I’m not too far in to the game and I came across a side quest mentioning sexual assault, and I found it quite jarring. Will this kind of thing show up later on in the game? If so this might not be the best game for me.

Is it just that specific topic that is jarring? Or have you been reticent about the destruction, decaying corpses, and other malicious acts (e.g., the Warden) plentifully encountered thus far? Grim Dawn is … pardon the pun … quite grim in the early acts as the scale of destruction and horrible outcomes are presented to the player.

The quest you reference has an interesting set of player choices, and the moral dilemma is symptomatic of some of the other quests in Act 2 (where you encountered the aforementioned quest). As I recall, that is the only side quest of that particular theme in the base game, although there are other somewhat gritty ones depending on your sensitivity. There is graphic inference to other, gender specific, unnatural and despicable acts near the conclusion of Ashes of Malmouth DLC, however, individual tolerance may vary.

My opinion is that Act 2 contains the greatest number of moral dilemma type side quests, and then later ones return to being more “standard fare”.

If you want to arm yourself with foreknowledge (sometimes called “spoilers”), you could take a selective read through the quest descriptions here so that they’re not as shocking when you encounter them.

Most side quests are of the “go somewhere, kill something, bring back something” variety, but there are a few where the player’s choice affects the outcome in not so obvious ways.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s really just the topic of sexual assault that bothers me, other forms of violence are ok. What do you mean about gender specific unnatural and despicable acts?

I refer you to the “Can’t Leave Them” quest. It is better that you know and judge for yourself whether this is a topic you may find questionable.

In essence, the aetherials captured live women, and also took dead female corpses, to use for breeding new mutants.

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Ulgrim Fists a big Vagina mouthed Tentacle monster to death and breaks his arm in the process.


Vagina with teeth? What a hell monster is that? :smile:

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