Good-looking MOD

Are you tired of being outdressed by the very peasants you’re trying to save? Do you like playing a bloodthirsty corpse-looter but don’t want to look like one? Then look no further, for I present to you:


Outdated, and should be unnecessary with the expansion. No plans for updating in the forseeable future. Feel free to mod/merge into your own work.

With this mod you can change the appearance of your gear. All visible equipment can be modified, although medals only have 5 or so different looks. As you can see in the image above, the looks of swords, maces, daggers, and also scepters and axes can be used on each other. You can also use this mod to take a look at the stats of high level items, like an ingame database.

So how does it work? To start, you need to go to the first bridge out of devil’s crossing where you will find a corpse. Loot it, pick up the crate and right click it. What happens next may be a bit odd, but spawning an npc from your inventory was slightly difficult (somehow they don’t like being your pet) and this gave me a laugh. Might be subject to change in the future.
Anyway, there should be a skeleton smith with lots of recipes for items. Even though you can see their stats, they are not real items, you only get an illusion potion that you must apply like an augmentation. When applied, your item will still be the same but look more sexy! Hell yeah!

This is still very much a work in progress but in this first version (v0.5) most items should be there and work. In the future I will try to add some element of progression, probably by unlocking items as you find them.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, missing/double items or anything else. Questions, suggestions or advice are also very welcome![/s]

Known issues

  • Illusion potions sometimes refuse to apply. Legs are especially notorious. Try putting the item in your inventory, or apply a different illusion first (may take a couple of tries).
  • Special animations may require a new session to take effect. An example is the glow from the boots in the image.
  • Due to the large amount of recipes the crafting menu will be slow. Minimizing open recipe lists will drastically improve performance and scrolling.
  • After a while the illusion might wear off. Re-equipping the item will restore it. If you can pinpoint what triggers this, plz let me know.

For players: To play this mod, download the attached zip-file at the bottom of this post or here, and extract the contents to your mod folder, same as any other mod.
For modders: You can download the mod with unpacked archives and source files from the links below. Feel free to include this mod in your own mod and distribute it. You can choose to include only the visual effects by including only the records/items/transmogs folder and tags_transmog.txt. That way, no existing files are altered so it should be compatible with pretty much any mod. However, players will still need to access this mod seperately every now and then, to summon the smith and craft illusion potions.

v0.5 Source Files:
nexusmods (>2mb so you need an account)

Attachment: Good-looking

It seems that some special effects behave strange when applied to the wrong item model. For example, golemborn greaves (left) can have the voidwalker footpads (mid) illusion, but will end up looking like the right picture, still displaying the golemborn effect, on the wrong part of the boot.

Something similar happens with magelord’s greaves. They appear to be malfunctioning, unable to display either golemborn or its own effect, other than the small blue speck at the knee (left). But it turns out they were just hiding (right) :wink:
In the left image, I started the game wearing magelord’s with voidwalker illusion. Then I applied the golemborn illusion, and for the rest of the session I was walking around with parts of 3 different boots :rolleyes:
If you have seen other cool combo’s, post a picture of it!

holycow (y)

dude this is gorgeous ! keep updating ! :smiley:

Well people wanting a transmog system apparently now have it.

Nice work.

Grim Dawg, I have quite a few heroes in this gorgeous community. You’ve just become another one. Top shit right here! I’m gonna spam the living arse out of this mod to my viewers.

amazing work !

I know you implied it in your OP but can I use your mod in my compilation?

Wow amazing :slight_smile:

I was thinking it would be perhaps more satisfying if the transmogs were drops. Perhaps even make them exclusive to normal monsters so there’s more incentive to kill them.

I might implement that in my own mod (with all credit given off course) if you don’t mind.

Thanks for all the kind words:p. Please, feel free to use this mod in your own work, you don’t have to ask me permission or anything. A little credit would be nice, making mention of my awesomeness is optional

Yeah that is a good approach, too. Extra collectable loot can hardly be bad. I think I would go for some kind of combination, to avoid the frustration of finding a legendary item and still not having access to the corresponding illusion recipe.
Currently, the illusion recipes are part of the smiths personal default recipes. If you drop scrolls they would go to your own unlocked recipe list and they would show up at all blacksmiths, which would not exactly be an improvement because the list is huge. I haven’t really found a way around this yet.

Anyway, if you wish to make your own version of this mod, go ahead. Maybe you can make a post here if you do, so I can take a look at your work, and make a link in my mod description.

Hi, Great work thanks for this :stuck_out_tongue:

The prices could be more expensive according to the color of the item and could be more fun if we have to find them like with blueprints

Uploaded a grimmestcornucopia-goodlooking

here is the link

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One word:

AWESOME! :smiley:

This looks upsettingly good.

I am using this in my Privite mod but still going to say your amazing :wink: thank you for this good sir!

Im looking forward to using this, will try it out when i get a fully build character

This mod and the greater rift mod is something I would definitely use.
Great Job!

My Kyzogg quest just bugged. Anybody play this with new toon?

Grim Dawg, as someone that has been barracking for a transmog system for a long time now, I really want to thank you very much for putting your efforts towards this goal…!

I am on the train home and very much look forward to trying this mod in the near future. I did have one question - in order to use the mod, do I have to start a new Custom Game session separate to the Main Campaign that I have been playing thus far? Resulting in a fresh LVL 1 character. Or can the mod be played from within the Main Campaign?

Thank again, bud!


You probably saw this coming…it’s a mod so you can’t play it in the unmodded game, unfortunately. It’s not unthinkable that Crate will add it to the game in a future update, as most important mechanics for my mod were already in the gamefiles. But until then there is this thread, specifically this post. I think I will try to make some kind of exe file to make it easier to do.

I wanted to make this mod ever since playing TQ, I’m really glad they gave us the tools to do stuff like this.

The first mod I really like to Brofist!

TBH I still think stuff like that should be handled in a way such a mod would not be needed at all, for example with an enhanced crafting and item system. Imho it would be fine, if all epics and legendaries would be reworked as “MIs”. (still dislike that term, and in GD it’s less fitting than ever with all the “non monster MI” drops, “inert rare” or “native rare” is imho better fitting)
With proper balance changes ofc. Worked great in LoA.

But I went off the subject…

Great mod idea for the time being!